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Ъaretaker Minister of Health Asen Medzhidiev

Health Minister proposes changes to the Health Act aimed at abolishing mandatory quarantine for Covid-19

Bulgaria’s caretaker Minister of Health Asen Medzhidiev is to propose amendments to the Health Act aimed at abolishing the compulsory isolation of persons infected with Covid-19 and the mandatory quarantine of the contact persons , the Health..

31.05.23 12:27 |

Persons with Covid-19 and their contacts will be able to vote if there are mobile ballot boxes for persons with disabilities

There will be no separate mobile ballot boxes for the people infected with Covid-19, or their contacts for the upcoming election because there is no extraordinary epidemic situation in place in the country , the Central Electoral Commission has..

23.09.22 10:31 |

Bulgaria reports 1,189 new Covid-19 cases, a positivity rate of over 19%

1 , 189 is the number of new Covid-19 cases out of 6,103 tests performed in the country in the past day, a positivity rate of 19.48 %, Single Coronavirus Information Portal data show. 1 , 024 patients are being treated in hospital ,..

18.08.22 10:00 |
Caretaker Minister of Health Asen Medzhidiev

Covid-19 quarantine period to be shortened

Due to some restriction in the administering of the vaccine against Covid-19, more than 1,300,000 vials of vaccine have been discarded. In an interview with the BNR, caretaker Minister of Health Asen Medzhidiev said that the condition set down..

16.08.22 12:25 |
Asen Medzhidiev

Health authorities plan to reduce quarantine for vaccinated citizens

Persons who have received Covid-19 vaccination could undergo a shorter quarantine. This is a proposal which will be discussed on Tuesday by the expert council at the Ministry of Health, announced caretaker health minister Asen Medzhidiev . According..

12.08.22 16:35 |
Associate Professor Angel Kunchev

Bulgaria may reduce mandatory Covid-19 quarantine period to 5 days

Bulgaria’s Chief State Health Inspector Associate Professor Angel Kunchev will propose reducing the mandatory Covid-19 quarantine period to 5 days. "We can talk about 7 days and 5 days," Angel Kunchev said for "24 chassa" newspaper. According to Angel..

27.07.22 18:42 |

Bulgaria reports 3 Covid-related deaths in past day

310 new cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in Bulgaria in the past 24 hours out of 3 ,811 tests performed, Single Coronavirus Information Portal data show. More than 57.7% of the new cases are among the unvaccinated. 8.13% of the tests have..

22.06.22 09:44 |

Ruling coalition to lift extraordinary epidemic situation

The ruling coalition will lift the extraordinary epidemic situation in the country but health authorities will still have the right to put in place anti-epidemic measures.  This will be made possible after the amendments to the Health Act submitted..

25.03.22 12:08 |

Great Britain eases Covid-19 requirements for Bulgarian arrivals

As of February 11, Great Britain is removing coronavirus tests requirements for vaccinated Bulgarian citizens upon entry and eases requirements for unvaccinated passengers, the Bulgarian Embassy in London announced. Fully vaccinated citizens, who..

11.02.22 11:35 |

Bulgaria to extend mid-term school holiday due to coronavirus pandemic

We should not repeat last year’s mistake to close schools where not a single case of Covid-19 is reported. I will ask the government to extend the mid-term break from January 31 until February 6. Thus, pupils will have a nine-day holiday, Bulgaria’s..

18.01.22 12:01 |
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