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Over 7,000 Ukrainian citizens already work in Bulgaria

7,120 Ukrainian citizens have already started work in Bulgaria , BNR reported. In just one month, the number of employed people increased by over 1,200 people. More than half of the people on labour contracts are in the hotel and restaurant industry,..

16.07.22 13:07 |

The city of Varna launches new website in Ukrainian to help refugees

The port city of Varna has launched a new website in Ukrainian. It provides detailed information about the rights of those fleeing the war in Ukraine.  The website has tips and information on how to access various health, social and educational..

04.07.22 16:35 |
Mariana Tosheva

Number of Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria is 10 times larger than that of Middle East refugees

There are 81,486 Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria as 45,000 of them are children. All of them have already asked for temporary protection. After their registration with their personal number of a foreigner, every refugee can use their..

20.06.22 10:50 |

Over 5600 Ukrainians employed in Bulgaria

More than 330,000 Ukrainians have entered Bulgaria since the beginning of the war. To date, about 78,000 people are residing in the country . Approximately half of them are accommodated in state-owned facilities and hotels under the new humanitarian..

15.06.22 14:39 |

More than 300 subsidized jobs for Ukrainians in Burgas, Sliven and Yambol

In just three days, employers offered over 300 jobs for Ukrainian citizens under the Solidarity project in Burgas, Yambol and Sliven regions , Burgas Employment Agency said. The subsidized jobs are mainly in the tourism sector. Under..

10.06.22 05:40 |

The Bulgarian people has demonstrated an exceptional level of empathy with Ukrainian refugees: Ukrainian Ambassador

Ukraine’s Ambassador to Sofia Vitaly Moskalenko stated, in an interview with bTV, that the Bulgarian government and Deputy Prime Minister Kalina Konstantinova had handled well the task of welcoming and accommodating the Ukrainian refugees fleeing the..

06.06.22 11:31 |

Integration of refugees from Ukraine is needed, ombudsman says

Accommodating Ukrainian refugees in resorts is a short-term solution. According to the ombudsman Diana Kovacheva, sate-owned recreation centers and hotels are often in remote places and this hinders the integration of refugees...

04.06.22 10:25 |

Bulgaria has spent 60 million euros out of 148 million allocated for Ukrainian refugees

60 million euros out of a total of 148 million, allocated under European programs to help Ukrainian refugees, have already been spent, Deputy Prime Minister Assen Vassilev said in the National Assembly. "These funds will continue to be used for..

03.06.22 12:12 |
Vice PM Kalina Konstantinova apologised to Ukrainian refugees in parliament on May 2, 2022.

Deputy Prime Minister Kalina Konstantinova apologized to Ukrainian refugees

Deputy Prime Minister Kalina Konstantinova apologised to Ukrainian refugees in parliament for her video address in which she announced the suspension of the plan to relocate them from hotels on the coast to state facilities in the interior of the..

02.06.22 15:06 |
The temporary accommodation centre in Elhovo

Ukrainian refugees are being relocated from Elhovo

The temporary accommodation centre in Elhovo is being closed. All of the more than 200 refugees from Ukraine who are still in Elhovo out of the 600 initial arrivals, will be transported to state–run facilitates around the country by 6 buses on 2..

02.06.22 10:34 |

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