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Ivaylo Yabalkarov

3,843 unaccompanied children have entered Bulgaria in 2023

3 , 843 unaccompanied children crossed into Bulgaria last year, and 416 since the beginning of 2024, said Ivaylo Yabalkarov from the Mission Wings Foundation, in an interview with the BNR. On the fate of migrant children in Bulgaria..

04.06.24 11:18 |

Bulgaria sees increase in the number of Ukrainian refugees

Two years after the start of the war in Ukraine, the refugee flow does not stop and is currently increasing again after a certain decline . This is claimed by Ukrainians living in Bulgaria who help with the adaptation of the newly arriving Ukrainian..

10.05.24 18:01 |

Refugees - a small but important part of job seekers in Bulgaria

There is a Directive according to which third-country nationals who have been ‎granted humanitarian or refugee status in Bulgaria (or in the EU territory) ‎can be employed without any other permits. Only with this status document ‎obtained from the..

29.04.24 10:44 |

Citizens of Harmanli protest again against local refugee centre

Citizens of the town of Harmanli (South-eastern Bulgaria) once again went out in protest against the presence of the refugee centre in the town  "The number of residents should be up to 400 and they should be married couples with children, not..

06.04.24 14:43 |

In Bulgaria 26 March is Thrace Day

26 March is Thrace Day – the date was included in the official Bulgarian calendar in 2006, but has been celebrated long before that. On this day in 1913 the Bulgarian army conquered the Edirne fortress, until then deemed “impregnable”. The defeat..

26.03.24 14:03 |

The exhibition Refugees traces the history of the people who found safe haven in Bulgaria

Having to flee one’s home and country and take the long road to an uncertain future – that is what refugees have invariably faced through the years, and for the same reasons. People have to flee because of war or their religious beliefs, their..

12.03.24 16:32 |

Bulgaria to participate in discussion of alternatives to the temporary protection of refugees from Ukraine

At an informal meeting in Brussels within the framework of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU in the Justice and Home Affairs Council alternatives to the temporary protection of refugees from Ukraine after the expiry of the period of..

25.01.24 05:05 |

No danger of Bulgaria being swamped by migrants, assures PM Denkov

The government has made no commitment other than to process asylum applications in a timely manner, as required by the Dublin Convention. This was Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov's response to a question from Vazrazhdane leader Kostadin Kostadinov in the..

12.01.24 14:07 |

Head of State Agency for Refugees calls for increasing the capacity of reception centers

With a capacity of 3,600 people, the refugee centers are 72% full, Mariana Tosheva, chair of the State Agency for Refugees, has told BNT. She has called for capacity to be increased to 5,000 places. "We have 6 refugee reception centers, two of..

03.01.24 11:15 |

Vazrazhdane party leader says Bulgaria should not sign EU Migration Pact

Bulgaria could become the largest refugee camp in the world if the country signs the EU Migration Pact, believes the leader of the nationalist Vazrazhdane party Kostadin Kostadinov . "With it, we will be obliged to accept refugees who enter mainly..

02.01.24 19:12 |
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