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Women’s lower salaries make for lower pensions

Women in Bulgaria have been hit harder by inflation because their average earnings are lower , Plamen Dimitrov, President of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria said, addressing the international women’s day national conference..

07.03.23 13:43 |

Trade unions warn of upcoming protests over low wages

CITUB and "Podkrepa" trade unions insist on income growth to compensate for the estimated inflation for the year, but not lower than 15%, Plamen Dimitrov and Dimitar Manolov, leaders of the two unions, said at a joint press..

03.02.23 11:35 |

Minimum wage rises 20 percent on January 1

The caretaker government decided that the minimum wage will rise to 780 BGN /398.81 EUR/ on January 1, 2023. According to Deputy Prime Minister Lazar Lazarov, the rise is 20% on an annual basis and fully covers the annual rise in the..

29.12.22 16:05 |

Protest in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs against low salaries

Employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have once again protested in front of the department's building with demands for decent remuneration and future for the Bulgarian diplomatic service, BTA reported. The protesters expect..

15.12.22 16:56 |

Draft envisages minimum monthly wage to become 393 euros on January 1

The minimum monthly wage should be raised to 393 euros from January 1, 2023. This is envisaged in a draft decree of the Council of Ministers, published for public discussion. In the reasons for the rise it is pointed out that the..

09.12.22 20:20 |
The Foreign Ministry staff organized a protest this morning

Foreign Ministry staff organize protest for higher pay

Bulgaria’s diplomats are ready to go on strike. As of 2 December, consular services and certification are being put on hold, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters in Sofia is suspending work. Bulgaria’s diplomatic missions and consular..

30.11.22 11:53 |

Caretaker government could reconsider decision on minimum salary

After talks with President Rumen Radev, chair of the Parliamentary Group of "BSP for Bulgaria" and party leader Kornelia Ninova told journalists that there was a change in the position of the President and the Cabinet regarding the minimum wage...

16.11.22 19:43 |

Trade unions stage large-scale protest in Sofia

“There is a need to raise people’s incomes, because their cost of living has increased. End of story!”, contends Dimitar Manolov, President of the Confederation of Labor “Podkrepa”. Bulgaria’s two largest trade unions - the Confederation of Labor..

11.11.22 14:56 |

Emergency medical staff organize protests over salaries by switching on ambulance sirens and lights

An increase in the salaries of emergency medics has been budgeted for in 2023 that will meet their demands, Deputy Health Minister in the caretaker cabinet Alexander Zlatanov stated, in a comment on the weekly symbolic protest by staff at emergency..

07.11.22 14:34 |

Staple foods prices in Bulgaria are growing more and more unaffordable

The household prices of heating, electricity, water and gas in Bulgaria have gone up by an average of 40%, but the rise is steepest with the prices of staple foods like sugar, meat, milk, bakery products at around 10% during the last quarter of the year..

26.10.22 14:30 |
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