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Council of Ministers building

Negotiations on how to distribute the funding for universities continue

The caretaker cabinet has provided almost 80 million Leva (EUR 40 million) in additional funding for salaries for public universities , the government press service has announced.   State universities announce protest readiness The..

20.05.24 11:38 |
Minister Galin Tsokov

Universities will receive the promised sums on Monday, Minister of Education tells trade unions

Caretaker Minister of Education Galin Tsokov has assured that the nearly 20 million euros earmarked in the budget for higher education will be transferred to the universities tomorrow, CITUB President Plamen Dimitrov told BNR. In..

19.05.24 16:28 |
Sofia University ''St. Kliment Ohridski''

The government provides additional funding to increase salaries at state universities

The government will provide EUR 19.9 million (BGN 39 million) in additional funding to increase the salaries of academic staff in state universities from 1 January 2024. The decision was made after the lecturers threatened to go on strike on May 20...

15.05.24 16:50 |

Bulgaria to receive the first F-16 fighter jets at the beginning of 2025

The first F-16 fighter jets will arrive at the beginning of 2025, caretaker Minister of Defense Atanas Zapryanov said for BNT.  In the authum of 2024, Bulgarian pilots will be trained in the United States how to fly the aircraft. Next year, Bulgaria..

06.05.24 14:16 |
Adrian Nikolov

Salaries in industry will catch up with the pay in the IT sector

In 2023, the share of young people aged up to 29 neither in employment nor in education, stands at 13.8%, as compared to 15.1% a year earlier. Compared to the other EU countries, this percentage remains high. 1/7 th of the young people who are..

19.04.24 10:32 |
Nayden Todorov

Caretaker Minister of Culture vows to protect the system from turmoil

''The government's term of office is short. It would be very difficult for someone who is completely unprepared'', caretaker Minister of Culture Nayen Todorov said in response to a question why he had accepted this position for the second time...

15.04.24 10:50 |

Disproportion between price and salary increases is what is worrying people, experts say

“We have a calm market at the moment. But what is worrying people and making them nervous is the fact that incomes are lagging behind,” says Vladimir Ivanov, chairman of the Commodity Exchange and Wholesale Markets State Commission. He says there is..

20.10.23 15:24 |

Paradox: wages in Bulgaria are among the fastest growing, but incomes are the lowest in the EU

Bulgaria is leading European country in terms of wage growth, but remains the last in the EU in terms of income. A survey of 350 companies in the country, delivered by a consultancy firm, found that more than half of employers have increased wages..

19.10.23 12:59 |
Plamen Dimitrov

Trade unions call for real wage growth

The Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB) will insist on a real increase in incomes before 2024, union leader Plamen Dimitrov said in Varna. According to him, next year the average salary should reach the..

23.08.23 14:06 |

Men in Bulgaria receive higher pensions and salaries than women

The average annual salary for men is 20,515 BGN (10,489 EUR), and for women - 16,880 BGN (8,630 EUR) . This is shown in the Report on the equality of women and men in Bulgaria for 2022, published for public discussion on the website of the Ministry of..

05.08.23 16:35 |
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