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Vazrazhdane leader Kostadinov

Vazrazhdane party submits in parliament 590,000 signatures for referendum to preserve the Bulgarian lev

The initiative committee supported by the Vazrazhdane party, submitted 590,000 signatures to the Bulgarian parliament for the poll on whether the Bulgarian lev should be the only official currency in Bulgaria until 2043 , BTA reported.  The aim is..

07.04.23 16:51 |

Just 11% of Bulgarians managed to save money in 2022

Just 11% of Bulgarians managed to save some money last year, according to a study by the "Trend" research center. 39 percent said they lived normally, but without being able to make any savings. 19% had to use money from their..

09.01.23 14:05 |

“Vazrazhdane” party protests against the introduction of the euro in Bulgaria

Suporters of “Vazrazhdane” party protested in front of the National Assembly against the introduction of the euro . Protesters blocked traffic on "Tsar Osvoboditel" boulevard.  "The adoption of the euro is a death sentence for the..

03.12.22 15:39 |

Soaring inflation calls into question peoples’ attitudes to saving

Currently, we are in a period of global economic transformation. New businesses are emerging. Some businesses are changing and Bulgaria is no exception, financial experts contend. In their view, people should continue to save money. However,..

18.01.22 13:23 |

Bulgarians – pessimistic about their incomes, save money in deposits

Bulgarians remain pessimistic about their financial situation over the next 12 months, a survey of the National Statistical Institute conducted in July 2020 reads. Although attitudes on economic development in this country are better than..

10.08.20 10:58 |

Increase in bank deposits of households and businesses, and of crediting in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian National Bank has registered an increase in deposits in the country. In February household savings were in excess of 26.6 billion euro. The annual growth rate of all savings accounts in Bulgaria stands at 9.1 percent and they..

27.03.19 10:55 |

Bank deposits going up

Bank deposits continued their upward trend in July, Bulgarian National Bank statistics show, with everyone saving up – citizens, companies as well as financial institutions. The sums in their accounts at the end of July amounted to 33 billion euro and..

24.08.16 11:02 |
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