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Sofia City Court

Bomb threats close Courthouse and several schools in Sofia

A bomb alert briefly closed the Sofia City Courthouse in Sofia , BTA reported. The fake threat was faxed to the prosecutor's office. The Sofia District Court building also remained closed for several hours, again due to a false alarm about an explosive..

10.02.23 15:10 |

“A little piece of Ukraine” in the capital city of Bulgaria

As Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine on 24 February last year, millions of Ukrainians sought refuge in different countries of the EU and around the world. A number of campaigns in their support were launched in this country, some still continue...

02.02.23 19:26 |

Blagovo: Joy and hardship in a Bulgarian village

In Blagovo village, 6 kms from the regional town of Montana in Northwestern Bulgaria, you will hear people talking about all sorts of things – that there is no pedestrian crossing and street lighting, that they have to go to town to see a doctor, or..

02.02.23 13:38 |

A new Bulgarian school in Las Vegas relies on innovation in ‎the educational process

In recent years, the Bulgarian community in Las Vegas has been growing extremely dynamically and more and more Bulgarian families with small children choose to live there. However, many of the children do not speak Bulgarian well, a large number of..

20.01.23 09:08 |

Bulgarian children in Brazil welcome Christmas ‎with an entertaining workshop

The Christmas and New Year holidays are awaited with great joy by children all over the world. The Bulgarian children in distant Brazil are also impatiently counting down the days. For them, the Christmas celebration party, in a typically Brazilian..

07.12.22 14:31 |

Museum of the Spirit opens doors in Shiroka Luka

After major renovation and restoration, the first grade school in the authentic village of Shiroka Luka in the Rhodopes has now reopened. The school, built in 1888, is now opening doors as a Museum of the Spirit, displaying artifacts, documents..

29.10.22 11:10 |

A charity campaign in support of a school in Pernik united Bulgarians living in the USA

Bulgarians living in Chicago and originally from the town of Pernik raised $4,000 to help the 8th elementary school "Krakra Pernishki" in the town near Sofia renovate its gym so that students can play sports in winter. The funds, transferred from the US..

22.10.22 12:40 |

Learning environment of the future will create conditions for new forms of education

The first weeks of the new school year always pass quickly because of the euphoria of the students after the vacation and their attempts to preserve the summer carefree mood for just a little longer. But for some people, each start of the school..

27.09.22 14:48 |

The National Polytechnic Museum’s amazing physics lessons

On September 15, a total of 1948 schools across Bulgaria welcomed their students and about 57,000 children heard the school bell for the first time. And while the idea of school as a source of knowledge is at the heart of every society, school is..

15.09.22 14:29 |

The new school year begins in Bulgaria

Traditionally, the school year in Bulgaria has started on September 15. "At school, you will be educated to be citizens of Bulgaria, citizens of the world and to compete with your peers all over the world. I believe you can. With these words, the..

15.09.22 12:02 |
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