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Dealers in Sofia distribute illegal drugs inside schools

Sofia police have found that drug dealers are increasingly recruiting students who sell drugs inside the schools and there are almost no dealers around the buildings. The most widely sold drugs in Sofia schools are amphetamines and marijuana. Often..

15.10.20 14:49 |

School excursions will be organised despite pandemic

Excursions for students are limited to one week and we recommend that they are organised at the end of the school year. The situation with the pandemic is more likely to be better in the spring of 2021, but we have no reason to ban excursions,..

02.10.20 12:11 |

Immunologist sees way out of Covid-19 crisis in group immunity

" Schools should not be restricted because of Covid-19 ," Assoc. Prof. Andrey Chorbanov, head of the Immunology Department at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, has told Nova TV. According to him, only sick children should be quarantined, but..

23.09.20 09:41 |

Covid-19 is not as dangerous for students as it is for those in contact with them

It is expected that gathering of people in schools will lead to the spread of the virus to a larger number of people. The big fear is that it may not be so dangerous for the children as it is for those in contact with them, immunologist Assoc...

22.09.20 12:03 |

Covid-19 situation will be monitored individually for each school

From now on, the Covid-19 situation will be monitored individually for each school, Deputy Minister of Education Tanya Mihaylova has told the BNR. At this stage attendance classes continue. "We have been monitoring the processes throughout the..

20.09.20 13:48 |
Dr. Simidchiev

Coronavirus is not a problem for schools

In schools, coronavirus infection is not a problem, but the real issue is the spread of the virus. Schools will not become centers of disease or centers of severe health problems. They will become another channel for the spread of infection to..

20.09.20 12:12 |
Bulgaria's Education Minister Krasimir Valchev

Education Minister does not expect boom in coronavirus cases in schools

"The situation in the education system is calm and there is no reason to worry," Bulgaria's Education Minister Krassimir Valchev has said.  Three days after the beginning of the school year in Bulgaria on September 15, the first cases of..

17.09.20 12:48 |

Eight teachers from a Sofia-based school test positive for Covid-19

On the second day of the new school year in Bulgaria, 8 teachers from the Sofia-based 55th secondary school "Petko Karavelov" have tested positive for the new coronavirus . This was reported to BNT by the Sofia Municipality. The teachers have been..

16.09.20 19:17 |

School year in Bulgaria starts with physical attendance with option for distance learning

Traditionally in Bulgaria, students return to school on September 15 th . Following the announcement of the Covid-19 pandemic in March and the subsequent distance learning measures, this will be the first contact of children and youngsters with their..

15.09.20 14:40 |
139th school

School year in Bulgaria starts today with 59,000 first graders

A thousand less than last year will be the first graders in the new school year which starts on September 15. The negative trend of recent years for fewer children starting school in Bulgaria continues also this year. 59,000 first-graders are expected..

15.09.20 09:17 |
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