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Yes, there is such a village school in Bulgaria! The different school of Tsarev Brod

"We don't want it to be drab, we want it to be fab" - this is the message of the Sts Cyril and Methodius Secondary School in the village of Tsarev Brod. "The Different School" is another motto of the school, which educates 118 students up to grade..

24.05.24 07:40 |

Doctors call for banning unvaccinated children from school

Doctors have renewed the call for children without the compulsory vaccinations to not be allowed in school, or to be part of organized groups of children. Temporary anti-epidemic measures introduced over the spread of whooping cough In an..

11.05.24 14:21 |

Prominent physics teacher Teodosiy Teodosiev opens school for gifted children with help from Bulgarians abroad 

One cause has united Bulgarians at home and abroad - to make Teodosiy Teodosiev's long-held dream come true. The "Golden Teacher of Bulgaria", as he is known at home, wants to create a training centre for his most gifted students in physics, mathematics..

09.04.24 13:34 |
Photo: Vasil Levski Bulgarian Theoretical Lyceum

Vasil Levski Lyceum - a temple of the Bulgarian spirit in Chisinau

"Created and developed with sincere love and thought for the motherland Bulgaria" - this would be the definition of the Vasil Levski Bulgarian Theoretical Lyceum in the Moldovan capital, Chisinau, if there was an explanatory dictionary of educational..

15.01.24 14:40 |

The depopulation of Bulgaria in the mirror of closed and abandoned schools

The depopulation of Bulgaria as evidenced in the buildings of closed and abandoned schools is the focus of the project "Education is a movement from darkness to light". This is the project with which Bulgaria is participating in the 18th Architecture..

10.10.23 10:21 |

A new education and culture centre will acquaint the public with the Jewish community and traditions

“In a place where there is no humanity: be human” goes a saying connected with the Jewish community and culture. There are no accurate data as to the number of Jews in Bulgaria, but according to the organization of Jews in Bulgaria Shalom, the Jewish..

06.10.23 13:13 |
The Bulgarian school in Boston and Cape Cod

The Bulgarian school in Boston and Cape Cod is preparing for the first day of school

September has already started and the Bulgarian children living abroad are returning to the Saturday-Sunday Bulgarian schools, where they will accumulate knowledge of the Bulgarian language, history, culture and traditions. "We have accumulated..

15.09.23 14:03 |
PM Nikolai Denkov

PM, Education Ministers congratulate students, teachers and parents on the first day of school

Prime Minister Acad. Nikolai Denkov and Minister of Education Galin Tsokov congratulated the first-graders, who on 15 September walked through the doors of school for the first time.  Mr. Denkov wished the children to enjoy this day, which marks the..

15.09.23 09:48 |

Digital backpack – convenience, but at what cost?

This school year, in addition to renovated classrooms and corridors, schools also welcome their pupils with an innovation that would ease their preparation for class – the digital backpack. It is a free online platform that allows..

15.09.23 07:00 |

Why do Bulgarian children start school on 15 September?

Every year, on September 15 - the first school day in Bulgaria - the curious mind asks: why exactly on this date? Why does the school year start on September 15 in Bulgaria? The answer comes from historical references about the beginning and the end..

15.09.23 06:20 |
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