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A look at New Year’s traditions for health and prosperity

We are sending off a difficult year, full of unexpected events and changes. In isolation or simply observing social distancing, whether or not theyagree with the measures against the as yet new virus, people are thinking about the future,..

31.12.20 14:50 |

Bulgaria's Bansko resort is ready for the winter season

Bulgaria's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Mariana Nikolova has inspected accommodation and ski facilities in the winter resort of Bansko. This was announced by the Ministry of Tourism. The Minister wanted to personally make sure that the..

10.11.20 17:01 |

Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Day 74

Bulgarians get used to living with Covid-19 without fear 60% of Bulgarians believe that the Covid-19 infection is dangerous, but still they perceive it as primarily a severe form of flu,  shows the latest Gallup International poll conducted..

20.05.20 20:18 |
Mladen Marinov

Police focus on face masks and social distancing

As restrictive measures are eased the police are turning their attention to observance of the requirements for social distending and wearing face masks in indoor public spaces, including in public transport vehicles, Interior Minister Mladen..

20.05.20 16:08 |

Some anti-epidemic measures remain in force in Bulgaria after state of emergency

Some measures taken to contain the spread of Covid-19 remain in force in Bulgaria after the end of the state of emergency which ends today, May 13. The requirement for keeping social distancing and wearing face masks in the public transport and at..

13.05.20 11:03 |

5kmrun selfie, an initiative bringing together runners from all over Bulgaria

The big race in life is the race with one’s own self. Victory in this battle is sweetest. This is what all people who have joined the 5kmrun – 5-kilometre collective runs that have, in recent years, swept over Bulgaria - believe. This is just..

12.05.20 14:05 |

Police officers monitor observance of physical distancing in Sofia

Enhanced checks on compliance with the physical distancing measures are under way in Sofia . All resources of the Sofia police will control the observance of the bans on the gathering of people in one place and walks in parks and urban gardens. The..

11.04.20 12:09 |

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: Day 26

School-goers will return to classrooms no earlier than 14 May There is no risk, as yet, to the school year if the state of emergency is lifted on 13 May, said Minister of Education Krasimir Valchev. In his words, the matriculation..

02.04.20 19:52 |
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