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Prof Dr Georgi Zhelev

Bulgaria is a member of NASA's lunar flight programme, says director of the Institute of Space Research and Technology

Bulgaria has become a member of NASA's Artemis programme , which is a continuation of the Apollo programme. Its main objective is related to manned flights to the Moon. The idea is that it will also be a stepping stone for eventual flights to Mars, the..

12.04.24 17:35 |

We celebrate the International Day of Aviation and Astronautics

On April 12, we celebrate the 55th International Aviation and Space Day. On this date in 1961, at 6 hours and 7 minutes Greenwich time (9 hours and 7 minutes Moscow time), with the ship "Vostok 1" Yuri Gagarin began his memorable tour around the Earth,..

12.04.24 05:15 |
Georgi Ivanov

45 years since the flight of Bulgaria’s first astronaut Georgi Ivanov

Three airplanes will overfly Lovech today at around 5.30 PM, as an air salute on the occasion of the 45 th anniversary since the flight in space of the first Bulgarian astronaut Georgi Ivanov. The planes will take off from Donla Mitropoliya air..

10.04.24 07:30 |
Nikola Katsarski

Drawing by a Bulgarian child to be sent into space

A drawing by 12-year-old Nikola Katsarski from Pleven will fly into space. The author of the work is among the winners of the international contest My Favorite Place on Planet Earth organised by the European Space Agency...

22.10.23 17:44 |
Samuil Nikolov (L) and Petar Zhotev

Funding raised for two Bulgarian students to attend prestigious universities

Petar Zhotev will soon make his dream come true – he is going to study natural sciences at Cambridge, because the more than EUR 93,000 he needs has been raised, the Podkrepi.bg donations platform has announced. Petar Zhotev dreams..

03.08.23 09:35 |

Tatiana Ivanova aims at becoming the first Bulgarian astronaut

The second edition of the children's science festival "Hello Space! Bulgaria Calling" took place in "Sofia Tech Park". 19-year-old Tatiana Ivanova, who has been accepted into NASA's only academy for astronaut candidates, also..

13.09.22 14:11 |

Companies and organizations in the field of space technologies and engineering to receive support

Bulgarian companies and organizations will be supported for their activities in the development of space technologies and space engineering curricula , announced the Ministry of Innovation and Growth.  The selection will be based on a tender..

05.09.22 14:47 |

Bulgarian companies and scientists to create space technologies

Bulgarian micro, small and medium enterprises and research organizations can absorb up to EUR 409,033  for the creation of new space technologies, applications and training programs for space engineering. The funds are provided in the framework..

10.06.22 18:11 |

Bulgarian technology onboard International Space Station to measure cosmic radiation

The Liulin-SET device developed at the Space Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences will fly into space on February 19. Head of the research team is Prof. Tsvetan Dachev. This is the 23rd device developed in the..

16.02.22 15:08 |
Nikolai Rukavishnikov and Georgi Ivanov (right)

42 years since the first flight of a Bulgarian astronaut in space

The day was April 10, 1979 and the time 20 hours and 34 minutes. The Soyuz-33 spacecraft launched into orbit takes to outer space. The first Bulgarian cosmonaut Georgi Ivanov was onboard. He made 31 complete orbits around the Earth. Onboard the ship..

10.04.21 06:50 |
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