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Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Day 213

Covid-19 morbidity rate in Bulgarian schools is low Less than 100 out of 720,000  Bulgarian students have been diagnosed with Covid-19. It became clear from a statement of this country’s Deputy Minister of Education and Science Tanya Mihaylova...

06.10.20 19:49 |

Bulgaria’s 2021 budget will be balanced: minister

Bulgaria ’s authorities are not planning to lift the maximum insurable earnings. The minimum pension will become EUR 150 per month. The minimum monthly salary will increase from EUR 312 to EUR 322. Pensioners will continue receiving allowances to the..

06.10.20 19:38 |
Petar Ganev

Balance of Bulgaria’s state budget to remain positive by end 2020: expert

A surplus to the tune of EUR 450 million has been registered in Bulgaria’s state budget in the first nine months of 2020. A lot of money is to be spent in the last months of 2020 for another consecutive year. The big surplus is due to capital..

06.10.20 16:56 |

Bulgaria's government plans to set poverty line for 2021 at BGN 369

Bulgaria's government has plans to set the poverty line next year at BGN 369 compared to BGN 363 this year. according to a new governmental decree.  Another government project envisages that the Minister of Social Affairs should be able to propose..

16.08.20 11:39 |

Extraordinary sitting of Bulgaria’s National Assembly fails, protesters shout Resignation

The extraordinary sitting of Bulgaria’s National Assembly that was expected to be held today has failed. Only 78 MPs appeared at the plenary hall which was way under the minimum quorum of 121 members of Parliament. MPs from the Bulgarian Socialist..

13.08.20 13:13 |
Vasil Garnizov

Vasil Garnizov: Borissov broadcasts news from his jeep to avoid contact with protesting citizens

For a month now, Bulgaria’s Premier Boyko Borissov has chosen a strategy to broadcast news from his jeep via the social networks in order to avoid contact with protesting citizens, political analyst Vasil Garnizov said on occasion of the failed..

13.08.20 10:22 |

Drop in budget revenue due to lower fuel prices

"Bulgaria is experiencing a fall in fuel prices. There has been a decrease in the last 3 months by about 19% for gasoline and 17% for diesel . Bulgarian fuel prices before VAT and excise duty are slightly below average European levels", energy expert..

26.04.20 15:53 |

Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev approves bill on state budget update

Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev has approved the law on updating the state budget. The amendments voted by the National Assembly on Monday envisage measures to support businesses and citizens who were left unemployed because of the anti-epidemic..

08.04.20 19:26 |

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: Day 30

Peak of COVID-19 infection in Bulgaria expected around Easter The number of COVID-19 cases in Bulgaria rose to 549, the National Crisis Headquarters announced. On April 6 eight new cases of COVID-19 were registered-all of them in Sofia...

06.04.20 20:51 |
Vladislav Goranov

Budget salaries, staff not to be reduced

Bulgaria's Ministry of Finance is refraining from cutting budget salaries for the time being, said Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov in parliament. So far, no staff reductions are envisaged, but staff appraisals in the state budget structures will be..

03.04.20 15:40 |
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