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Assen Vassilev

Ministry of Finance presents 2022 draft budget

Bulgaria’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev presented the 2022 draft state budget. He called it a budget of economic growth, which invests in people, projects and infrastructure. The projected revenues exceed EUR 29..

21.01.22 13:26 |

Bulgarian parliament adopts budget until March 2022 at first reading

The Bulgarian Parliament has voted today on extending the validity of last year's state budget until the end of March 2022 . The bill was passed at first reading by the ruling four-party coalition. The opposition parties GERB and MRF abstained from..

12.01.22 13:59 |
Martin Dimitrov

Martin Dimitrov: The adoption of the new budget will shorten the moratorium on electricity prices

There is no time to lose and soon the Ministry of Finance must submit the budget for 2022, the chairman of the parliamentary economic committee Martin Dimitrov told BNR. The new budget will also lift the moratorium on electricity prices. "Due to the..

05.01.22 10:13 |

Economist predicts high inflation over the next 5 years

Inflation, not the coronavirus epidemic, will be the bigger problem next year, Stoyan Panchev of the Expert Club for Economics and Politics predicted in an interview for the BNR. He clarified that high inflation will accompany us in the next five years...

27.12.21 10:52 |
Council of Ministers building

Bulgaria’s cabinet to sumbit a proposal to the Parliament to extend 2021 state budget until March 31, 2022

Bulgaria’s cabinet has proposed that the 2021 budget be extended until March 31, 2021. On objective grounds , the 2022 state budget will not be adopted before the beginning of the next budget year, the government's press office announced . In..

22.12.21 16:46 |

Bulgaria reports record increase in state revenues

The National Revenue Agency and the National Customs Agency are the main authorities engaged in revenue collection. They collect taxes and excise duties that go to the state budget. The two institutions have reported record-high revenues. The..

14.12.21 12:24 |

State budget will be adopted in January 2022

Before the new Bulgarian government takes oath, the caretaker cabinet has suspended the procedure for the prepared budget for 2022 . The plans are for the budget to be approved in January, and until then the state to spend 1/12 of the money provided for..

13.12.21 12:13 |

Pension expenditure increases by nearly EUR 450 million

Bulgaria’s caretaker cabinet approved a report on the implementation of the state budget for the first 9 months of 2021. At the end of September, the fiscal surplus exceeded EUR 500 million. According to this country’s Ministry of Finance, revenue..

10.11.21 10:37 |

Bulgarian National Bank to sell five-year government bonds amounting to EUR 250 million

The Bulgarian National Bank is planning to hold an auction for the sale of five-year government bonds amounting to EUR 250 million. The auction is expected to be held on November 8. Since the beginning of 2021, Bulgaria has sold government bonds to..

02.11.21 13:50 |

State budget surplus has melted away by 150 million euro

The state budget surplus has melted away by almost 150 million euro in the space of one month. At the end of September, it was more than half a billion euro, at the end of October it stands at 362.5 million euro. According to the Ministry..

30.10.21 16:49 |
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