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Weather forecast for Tuesday 18 January: Windy and cold

During the night a cold front will sweep across the country with a strong Northwesterly wind. Occasional snow is expected, from North to South. Minimum temperatures 3°, 2° C. below zero, for Sofia around 3° C. below zero. Tomorrow the..

17.01.22 19:50 |

Weather forecast for Wednesday, 5 January: Temperatures will continue unnaturally high

On Wednesday there will be sun. There will be a light, in the Eastern and mountain regions moderate Southwesterly wind, which will push temperatures up to a minimum of 1-6° C., for Sofia 1°C. Daytime temperatures will reach highs of 12°-18° C., for..

04.01.22 19:40 |

Weather forecast for Sunday, 19 December: Sunny weather, no precipitation

During the night the snow and rain will stop nationwide, the clouds will scatter and in most regions the weather will be clear. There will be a light to moderate West-southwesterly wind. Minimum temperatures minus 4°C-1°C., for Sofia - 4°C. below..

18.12.21 18:10 |

Weather forecast for Thursday, 9 December

Thursday will begin with minimum temperatures of 9° C. below zero in some parts of Western Bulgaria, and up to 4° C. on the Black Sea coast. During the day there will be sun. In some parts of the Upper Thracian Plain there will be fog. Clouds will..

08.12.21 19:40 |

Weather forecast for Friday, 3 December

During the night there will be considerable clouds over the Western half of the country, and clear skies over the Eastern half. Minimum temperatures zero - 5° C., reaching 8° C. in places in Eastern Bulgaria where there will be a moderate wind from..

02.12.21 19:45 |

Weather forecast for Thursday, 2 December

On Thursday the weather will be predominantly sunny. A moderate to strong wind from the Southwest will usher in warmer weather. Minimum morning temperatures minus 3° - 3°C., a little lower in the lowlands in Southwestern Bulgaria. Daytime..

01.12.21 19:40 |

Weather forecast for Thursday, 25 November

On Thursday minimum temperatures will range from 2° C. below zero to 3° C.There will be clouds in the morning over Western Bulgaria and along the Black Sea coast, and fog in the lowlands. During the day there will be sun over Central Bulgaria...

24.11.21 19:35 |

Weather forecast for Saturday, 13 November

On Saturday morning minimum temperatures will range from minus 3° C. in the lowlands in Western Bulgaria, to 2-3° C. along the Danube River and the Black Sea coastline. There will be mists there in the morning or low stratus clouds. During the..

13.11.21 10:48 |

Weather forecast for Sunday, 7 November

During the night the weather will be predominantly cloudy. In the Eastern part of the country there will be a light East-Southeasterly wind. Minimum temperatures 8° - 13° C. Tomorrow there will be considerable clouds, visibility will..

06.11.21 17:50 |

Weather forecast for Saturday, 6 November

On Saturday morning there will be fog and low stratus clouds in the lowlands and valleys. During the day a Northwesterly wind will bring more clouds over Western Bulgaria, where there may be showers. In the Eastern part of the country there..

05.11.21 19:35 |
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