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Bulgaria's Tsanko Tsankov wins gold in the Strait of Gibraltar swimming crossing

Bulgaria's Tsanko Tsankov has won the Strait of Gibraltar swimming marathon. The Bulgarian marathon swimmer covered the distance of 16 km and 750 m from Tarifa (Spain) to Punta Cires (Morocco) in 3 hours, 56 minutes and 3 seconds.  A strong final..

09.09.22 19:45 |

The Strait of Gibraltar Swimming Crossing has been suspended due to bad weather

T he Strait of Gibraltar S wim ming Crossing has been suspended due to bad weather. Bulgarian swimmer Tsanko Tsankov has also taken part in the channel swim between Spain and Morocco , the website Sortal.bg reported.  The competition..

06.09.22 17:32 |

Bulgaria's Tsanko Tsankov to swim in marathon at the Strait of Gibraltar

On September 6, Tsanko Tsankov will embark on his next challenge - he will become the first Bulgarian to participate in the crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar between Spain and Africa, part of the Ocean's Seven marathon chain .  The start is in..

05.09.22 17:36 |
Alexander Bozhilov

Bulgaria's Alexander Bozhilov becomes world vice-champion in aquathlon

Alexander Bozhilov won the runner-up title of the World Aquathlon Championship in Šamorín, Slovakia, in the category of juniors under 19 years of age which is a historic achievement for Bulgaria.  The competition took place in the format of..

19.08.22 16:49 |

Bulgaria's Albena Peneva proves there are no limits to the power of the human spirit

62-year-old Albena Peneva, who has motor impairment due to a brain stroke, swam for two hours without interruption in a pool in Bulgaria's coastal city Burgas . By two minutes, she exceeded the previously announced two hours of continuous swimming of a..

14.08.22 17:32 |
Petar Stoychev

Bulgarian swimmer Petar Stoychev wins gold in icy conditions

Legendary marathon swimmer Petar Stoychev has added another gold medal to his rich collection. The Bulgarian won the competition from the calendar of the International Ice Swimming Association in the waters of the Arctic Ocean near..

05.05.22 13:34 |
Antani Ivanov

Antani Ivanov qualifies for 100m butterfly semifinals at European Short Course Championships in Kazan

Bulgaria's swimmer Antani Ivanov beat the national swimming record at 100m butterfly and qualified for the semifinals of the European Short Course Championships in Kazan, Russia.  Antani stopped the clock at 50.73 seconds and  placed among the 16..

02.11.21 16:14 |

24 enthusiasts participate at traditional swim across Danube near Silistra

Silistra Municipality and Danube Club have organized the traditional swim across the Danube River. Only 24 people took part at this year’s event- the lowest number in the 80-year history of the swimming competition.  Nine-year-old Vito Mladenov was..

14.08.21 15:28 |
Josif Miladinov

Josif Miladinov finishes 8th in 100 m. butterfly finals at Tokyo Olympics

18-year old Josif Miladinov came in in 8 th position in the 100 m. butterfly finals at the Olympics in Tokyo. His performance is a major achievement, as the country has not had a swimming finalist at Olympic Games since the Games in Seoul in..

31.07.21 10:16 |
Josif Miladinov

18-year-old Josif Miladinov qualifies for 100 m butterfly finals in Tokyo

Bulgaria's Josif Miladinov has made a historic swim in Tokyo and after a time of 51.06 seconds qualified for the 100m butterfly final. The 18-year-old Bulgarian remained second in his series, being overtaken only by the Hungarian Kristóf Milák with..

30.07.21 18:45 |

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