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Travellers, not tourists - the new trend is gaining momentum in Bulgaria

The surge in travel following the end of the pandemic has led people to seek an alternative to the conventional idea of a holiday. The younger generations in particular are fed up with the standard trips to famous European cities or the conventional..

09.04.24 07:25 |

At Sofia Airport after Bulgaria’s accession to Schengen by air and sea

On March 31, Bulgaria and Romania joined the Schengen area by air and sea. Austria remains the last stumbling block stopping the two countries in their pursuit of full membership in the European area of free movement without border controls at internal..

31.03.24 14:10 |

Bulgarians are eager to spend money on tourist experiences

In line with European attitudes, 86% of Bulgarians believe that spending on experiences is always justified, according to a study by Mastercard in Europe, conducted among 16,141 users from 20 countries, investor.bg reports.  35% of..

29.03.24 10:43 |

Breaking travel news: Bulgarians flock to Italy for short flights

In an update on travel trends for 2023, Italy has emerged as the top choice for Bulgarians looking for short flights for a quick holiday. According to travel organisation platform eSky.bg, as reported by 'Dnevnik', a staggering 44 per cent of..

23.01.24 16:29 |

Bulgaria promoted as cultural and wine tourism destination at World Travel Market in London

Bulgaria is presented as a year-round tourist destination during the 43rd edition of the World Travel Market (WTM) – a leading international tourism exhibition, which takes place from November 6 to 8, 2023 in London. This..

07.11.23 11:15 |

Cycling the Mediterranean

To explore the world for oneself, through personal contact, is the most valuable knowledge and the most full-blooded experience of life, and travelling is the best and most direct way to do it. Ventsislav Iliev from Shumen is convinced of this...

03.11.23 16:49 |
Albena Roshkova in the ancient city of Bosra

The true face of Syria - a Bulgarian woman travels alone in country recovering from war

She is an engineer who lives in the city of Kozloduy and likes traveling. But when she told her husband she planned to visit Syria, he refused to accompany her or let their daughter go on such a trip. However, this did not stop her..

25.10.23 13:00 |

MFA advises against travel to Iran

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) advises Bulgarian citizens to suspend travel to Iran except in case of extreme necessity. This reads a message from the Situation Centre of the Ministry.  "In case of extreme necessity to travel in the coming..

15.09.23 08:37 |

Post-pandemic: Huge interest in exotic destinations and cruises among Bulgarians

Bulgarian tour operators are monitoring a stir in the tourism sector. Bulgarians ‎travel more and more, more and more often abroad and for the purpose of ‎tourism . In the first month of the year, half a million Bulgarians  (504 ‎thousand) travelled..

28.03.23 11:48 |

Participants from 15 countries at prestigious tourist exhibition in Sofia

The largest international tourist exhibition in Bulgaria, Holiday and ‎SPA , is opening today. Almost 260 participants from 15 countries present ‎their most attractive tourist products in the halls of the Inter Expo Center in ‎Sofia. ‎ ‎"For the..

15.02.23 12:40 |
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