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UK Ambassador Dixon: We look forward to the moment when British tourists will enjoy the sun in Bulgaria

"It is extremely important that we make efforts to remove restrictions on tourist travel between Bulgaria and the United Kingdom." This was stated by Bulgaria's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Mariana Nikolova at a meeting with Rob Dixon,..

04.03.21 19:17 |

Vaccination certificate is not discriminatory

In order to meet the EU plan for vaccination of 70% of people in the community by the spring, pharmaceutical companies must fulfill vaccine supply contracts and Member States must have the capacity to vaccinate more people quickly...

20.01.21 12:39 |

A Filipina girl in Bulgaria and how snow can bring joy

Her name is Rita Sanchez Yordanova but everyone in Kozloduy calls her Filipina. Why? Because she is the only Filipina in this small Bulgarian town on the bank of the Danube. She is also young, beautiful, with waist-length hair and full of..

31.12.20 11:00 |

Ban on entry for some foreign citizens extended by 2 months

Citizens of all countries outside the EU will not have the right to enter Bulgaria until January 31, an order of the Minister of Health reads. It enters into force on December 1 and it is actually a 2-month extension of the regime introduced in..

01.12.20 05:00 |

Fewer foreigners visit Bulgaria in September: NSI

In September 2020, the number of trips of Bulgarians nationals abroad amounted to 555,600, which was 15% less than those registered in September 2019 , the National Statistical Institute announced. The number of visits of foreign nationals to..

27.10.20 13:03 |

Nearly 40 percent of complaints in Bulgaria are because of failed vacations abroad

For the past 6 months, the European Consumer Center (ECC) in this country has received many complaints about delayed and canceled flights, as well as about failed vacations abroad, director of the center Sonya Spasova has told BNR. According to..

29.08.20 14:27 |

Sweden allows its citizens to travel to Bulgaria

Sweden withdrew its recommendation to its citizens to refrain from travelling to Bulgaria, the Netherlands and Romania for non-essential purposes , Reuters informs. Stockholm has also withdrawn its recommendations to its citizens to avoid travelling to..

26.08.20 15:05 |

Number of tourism trips by Bulgarians drop dramatically

447 , 2 00 Bulgarians travelled to tourist destinations during the second quarter of the year, BTA reports. Only 6.8 % of them travelled abroad, 92.7% travelled inside Bulgaria only, and 0.5% made trips inside the country as well as to..

21.08.20 13:05 |

Finland opens its borders for tourists from 17 European countries

On July 13 Finland is opening its borders for tourists from 17 European countries. The borders will only be open to EU countries that recorded fewer than 8 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within the last 14 days. Restrictions for a number of..

13.07.20 08:42 |

Foreign Ministry advises to use airlines in the EU when travelling

Due to the ongoing restrictions on travel from third countries to EU countries, the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry recommends that travellers from Bulgaria to EU countries and the Schengen area countries should not use transit flights through third..

23.06.20 15:38 |
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