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One out of 6.5 million Bulgarians are inactive

Regional policies are needed to address imbalances in employment and economic activity levels in different regions of Bulgaria, taking into account the specificities of each region. This is the recommendation of the Council for Economic Analysis study..

20.05.24 15:08 |

Survey: Bulgarians are concerned about issues other than the drama in the central government

For two-thirds of Bulgarians the most important problems are unemployment (39%) and the cost of living (26%), according to a representative Eurobarometer survey from February 2024. Healthcare is the next significant concern for 28% of..

27.03.24 11:40 |

Average unemployment rate in the country stands at 5.8%

With an average level of unemployment at 5.8%, the unemployment rate in  the city of Sofia is 1.6%. According to data of the National Employment Agency, as of 31 January, 2024, unemployment is highest in the region of Vidin at a little under 16%...

25.03.24 13:16 |
Education minister Galin Tsokov (middle)

Sofia University tops the rating of higher education institutions in Bulgaria

Unemployment among university graduates in Bulgaria is 2%, in some specialties it is below 1%. The income of persons with university degree increases to 2,000 euros for some fields. 3,000 euros is for informatics graduates at Sofia University, announced..

01.12.23 11:41 |
National Statistical Institute

National Statistical Institute registers slowdown of annual inflation in March to 14%

In March, the annual inflation rate in Bulgaria slowed down, reaching a 12-month low of 14%, as compared to 16% in February, the National Statistical Institute has reported. In two-thirds of the regions of the country, unemployment has gone up..

18.04.23 13:18 |

GDP growth expected to slow down in 2023, according to Finance Ministry forecast

Due to shrinking consumption and export, Bulgaria’s economy will slow down its growth down to 1.8% in 2023, according to the Ministry of Finance spring macroeconomic forecast. In 2022, the growth rate was 3.4%. Due to the war in Ukraine an..

05.04.23 08:42 |

Newly registered unemployed persons in Bulgaria are over 36,000

Since the beginning of 2023, the number of unemployed citizens who have registered with the employment agency offices across the country has exceeded 36,000 . Of these, 20,230 people were able to find a job thanks to the employment services...

27.02.23 14:19 |

Employment Agency reports rise in unemployment for October

The level of unemployment in the country is 4.3 percent. According to data of the Employment Agency, at the end of October, the number of unemployed people registered at the labor offices totaled 141,987, or 3,607 more compared to the..

15.11.22 14:16 |

Bulgaria reported record GDP last year

Bulgaria's gross domestic product in 2021 has reached a record €68 billion, rising by 3.6% with inflation at 3.3%, BNR's Natalia Ganchovska reports, quoting the annual edition of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry "Bulgaria in..

07.08.22 11:43 |

Weak labour market marks 12% drop in job openings compared to June

Bulgaria's largest online career platform reports a significant drop in job postings for July , down nearly 12% compared to June.  According to data from the National Statistical Institute and the National Employment Agency , the trend of newly..

04.08.22 16:16 |
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