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Newly registered unemployed persons in Bulgaria are over 36,000

Since the beginning of 2023, the number of unemployed citizens who have registered with the employment agency offices across the country has exceeded 36,000 . Of these, 20,230 people were able to find a job thanks to the employment services...

27.02.23 14:19 |

Employment Agency reports rise in unemployment for October

The level of unemployment in the country is 4.3 percent. According to data of the Employment Agency, at the end of October, the number of unemployed people registered at the labor offices totaled 141,987, or 3,607 more compared to the..

15.11.22 14:16 |

Bulgaria reported record GDP last year

Bulgaria's gross domestic product in 2021 has reached a record €68 billion, rising by 3.6% with inflation at 3.3%, BNR's Natalia Ganchovska reports, quoting the annual edition of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry "Bulgaria in..

07.08.22 11:43 |

Weak labour market marks 12% drop in job openings compared to June

Bulgaria's largest online career platform reports a significant drop in job postings for July , down nearly 12% compared to June.  According to data from the National Statistical Institute and the National Employment Agency , the trend of newly..

04.08.22 16:16 |

Unemployment in Bulgaria declines to 4.9 percent

Unemployment in Bulgaria is now at the level of 4.9%, the National Statistical Institute has reported. A decline of 1.4% was marked in comparison to the first quarter of 2021. The economic activity rate for the population aged 15-64..

19.05.22 13:43 |

Bulgarian employers call on the state authorities to review the energy aid scheme

Bulgarian entrepreneurs called on the government to change the power price compensation scheme and abolish the energy aid ceiling. The nationally represented employers' organizations call for a meeting with Bulgaria’s Premier and ministers to..

08.03.22 15:33 |

Bulgaria’s cabinet to discuss the 2022 state budget

Bulgaria’s cabinet is expected to meet online today to discuss the 2020 draft state budget, the budget of the State Social Security and the National Health Insurance Fund. The 2022 draft budget envisages a GDP growth of 4.8%, or 1.2% more as..

31.01.22 05:05 |

Unemployment drops down to pre-pandemic levels

Unemployment in Bulgaria continues to drop, and in June stood at 5.2%, the National Employment Agency says, a 0.5% drop compared to May, and a 3.1% drop on an annual basis (from 8.3% in June, 2020) 170,716 is the number of registered..

15.07.21 13:25 |

More people have started work than have registered as unemployed during first week of June

Around 700 more people have started work compared to the number of newly registered unemployed at job centres, show latest data of the National Statistical Institute and the Employment Agency which monitored the labour market because of Covid-19...

12.06.21 11:55 |

Unemployment falls to 6.9%

Six unemployed people compete for 1 vacancy in this country, the National Employment Agency has reported. In 17 districts unemployment is above the national average. It is highest in the northwestern region - Vidin, Montana and..

29.03.21 11:10 |
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