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Unemployment drops down to pre-pandemic levels

Unemployment in Bulgaria continues to drop, and in June stood at 5.2%, the National Employment Agency says, a 0.5% drop compared to May, and a 3.1% drop on an annual basis (from 8.3% in June, 2020) 170,716 is the number of registered..

15.07.21 13:25 |

More people have started work than have registered as unemployed during first week of June

Around 700 more people have started work compared to the number of newly registered unemployed at job centres, show latest data of the National Statistical Institute and the Employment Agency which monitored the labour market because of Covid-19...

12.06.21 11:55 |

Unemployment falls to 6.9%

Six unemployed people compete for 1 vacancy in this country, the National Employment Agency has reported. In 17 districts unemployment is above the national average. It is highest in the northwestern region - Vidin, Montana and..

29.03.21 11:10 |

Bulgaria needs to allocate public funds to the tune of EUR 2.5 billion for higher incomes

Wages in Bulgaria could see a significant increase if this country’s gross domestic product increases with 3.5% on an annual basis and the average annual inflation is around 2%, forecasts the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria...

22.02.21 19:41 |

At the beginning of the year unemployment in Bulgaria stands at 7%

Unemployment in January stands at 7% , as registered by the National Employment Agency, an increase of 0.3% compared to the previous month, and of 0.7% year-on-year, the BTA reports. 229 , 750 is the number of unemployed persons..

15.02.21 13:58 |

Poverty, inequality, unemployment - old challenges facing new Europe

Employment is the main topic in the EU when it comes to overcoming the consequences of the economic crisis. Thousands of businesses have remained closed since the beginning of the pandemic and millions of Europeans have lost their jobs, while most..

10.02.21 14:55 |
Minister Lachezar Borisov

Bulgaria’s business receives EUR 30 million assisstance in 10 days because of Covid-19 pandemic

The Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy have granted nearly EUR 800 million to the business, Bulgaria's Minister of Economy Lachezar Borisov told the media. EUR 30 million has been granted to the Bulgarian business in the..

03.02.21 15:49 |

Demographic processes impede the development of Bulgarian regions

The coronavirus pandemic has deepened economic disparities between Sofia and other Bulgarian regions. It has also resulted in higher unemployment in 2020. According to the annual report of the Institute for Market Economics on the development..

26.01.21 16:32 |

The measures 60/40 and 80/20 have saved over 300,000 jobs in Bulgaria: National Employment Agency

At the end of 2020 unemployment in Bulgaria stood at 6 . 7%.  In December the restrictive measures due to the pandemic were already in place. A number of businesses were again closed but unemployment, compared to November, did not go up, the..

15.01.21 15:41 |

Covid-crisis pushes TUs and employers to demand long-term help from the state

Since the beginning of the pandemic and the lockdown throughout the world, i.e. since March this year, the strain of safeguarding human life and health has inflicted unimagined damage on the economy, affecting, directly or indirectly, every..

29.12.20 17:29 |
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