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Mariya Gabriel and Nikolai Denkov, March 31.

Bulgaria joins Schengen by air and sea

Bulgaria and Romania have joined the Schengen area by air and sea. As of today, 31 March, all Schengen rules, the Schengen rules will apply in both Member States including on issuing Schengen visas and controls at the internal air and sea borders will..

31.03.24 13:02 |

Bulgaria is joining World Water Day with numerous events

Bulgaria will be marking the World Water Day on March 22 with numerous events throughout the country. This year, the theme of the UN's World Water Day is "Water for Peace", emphasizing the unequal access to water worldwide and the need to protect and..

22.03.24 05:45 |
Ivan Ivanov, EWRC chairman

EWRC Chairman Ivan Ivanov: Water subsidies should be paid over higher water prices

The Chairman of the Commission for Energy and Water Regulation (EWRC) Ivan Ivanov has proposed the introduction of water subsidies due to the increased water prices  by an average of 15% since the New Year. The price of water in three cities -..

11.01.24 15:48 |
Isperih, 26 November, 2023

State of emergency in Razgrad region called off

The state of emergency declared on 26 November in Razgrad region over the complicated winter conditions has been called off, the regional administration has announced. The strong winds and the heavy snow caused outages in electricity and the water..

29.11.23 13:07 |

The drinking fountains of the Rhodopes and the wisdom of water

Roadside water fountains abound in the Eastern Rhodopes, there are hundreds of all kinds. Some are truly impressive, others are more modest, there are even some where people can sit down to a picnic – with a barbecue, with playgrounds for the children..

21.11.23 09:44 |

The ban on drinking water and bathing in the sea in flood-hit Tsarevo is still in force

The ban on drinking water and bathing in the sea in Tsarevo municipality is still in force. The decision was taken by the Regional Health Inspectorate in Burgas after the results of the third samples, taken after the floods on 5 September were announced..

13.09.23 14:34 |
Minister of Tourism Zaritsa Dinkova

Black Sea water was cleaner this summer than previous years, minister of tourism says

The attack against the tourist industry in Bulgaria this year was very strong, said Minister of Tourism Zaritsa Dinkova in an interview with public service TV BNT. The international situation is very complex, and Bulgaria is part of it, she..

13.09.23 10:52 |

Tap water in Tsarevo is still unfit for drinking, people should not go into the sea

The results of the second samples taken from the drinking water and the sea water in Tsarevo municipality after the flood on 5 September show very degraded indicators, the Regional Health Inspectorate in Burgas has announced. Heavy floods and..

11.09.23 15:49 |

Emergency situation after the floods in Tsarevo remains in force

The state of emergency in the municipality of Tsarevo remains in force until all risks to the population disappear , the local crisis headquarters decided. There is no set deadline for lifting the state of emergency, said Deputy Mayor Marin Kirov...

11.09.23 10:19 |
Environment Minister Julian Popov

There is active propaganda coming from Russia aiming to ruin the tourist season in Bulgaria and Romania, environment minister says

Since Nova Kakhovka dam was blown up, there is no reason to bring up the question of the water quality any more, Environment Minister Julian Popov said, in an interview with public service TV BNT. “The Black Sea and the air in these regions has been..

14.07.23 10:04 |
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