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Protesters plan blocking Sofia-Varna road over water shortage in Omurtag

More than 200 people protested today against the severe water regime in Omurtag in northeastern Bulgaria, despite the bad weather. Currently, water is available twice a week for an hour. A state of emergency has been declared in the..

25.11.22 14:42 |
Emergency services responding to a fire after shelling in Kyiv Ukraine, 18 October 2022. Three Russian strikes hit an energy infrastructure facility in Kyiv

Almost half of Ukraine's energy infrastructure is out of order

Last night and this morning, Russian troops launched new strikes on several Ukrainian regions, BTA reported . Cherkasy, Khmelnytskyi, Kyiv, Rivne and Vinnytsia regions were attacked, and a large fire was seen near the town of Smela. In the morning, an..

22.10.22 11:20 |

Danube drought threatens riverside ecosystems

Drought, which has swept across Europe, is a growing concern for Bulgarians living along the Danube. The low water level of the river is causing extreme losses to shipping. Hundreds of self-propelled and nonself-propelled vessels are waiting in..

31.08.22 15:08 |

The water supply infrastructure in the country is very old and in dire condition

The World Water Week (23 August- 1 September, 2022) started in Bulgaria… with tons of water falling from the heavens. A partial state of emergency was declared in the town of Karlovo over the torrential rain in the region which flooded a number of homes..

24.08.22 13:45 |
Река Искрецка

Results of the tests of the Iskretska river water expected today

Sofia's Regional Health Inspectorate and the Water and Sewerage Company are expected to announce today whether the water in Svoge is safe for drinking , the town's deputy mayor Iliya Bogdanov said.  A few days ago, because of the drying up of the..

22.08.22 13:52 |

Iskretska River supplying water to town of Svoge returns to its bed

The Iskretska River, which dried up on Monday and caused the region of Svoge to remain without water supply, is once again flowing in its bed. "Last night at 6 p.m. the river was unblocked and the water flow resumed. We are starting..

19.08.22 10:23 |
Iskretska River

Slight increase in the flow of the spring supplying drinking water to the flash drought-hit town of Svoge

The water flow from the karst spring that feeds the Iskretska River is slightly increasing , but this is not enough to restore the water supply to the town of Svoge.  A state of disaster has been declared since Monday as the spring has completely dried..

18.08.22 15:44 |

Energy and Water Regulatory Commission to have new chair in two or three weeks

It will take two to three weeks to elect a new chair of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission, Radoslav Ribarski, chairman of the parliamentary energy committee and MP of "We Continue the Change" says. This means that the..

22.07.22 10:00 |

Midsummer night’s dream of Enyovden

The story of Midsummer's Day is like a beautiful fairy tale about the magic of herbs, youth and beauty. I t's a tale that we are happy to recall every year on June 24 to tell our children and thereby introduce them to folk wisdom and tradition...

24.06.22 07:10 |
Stanislav Todorov

Energy and Water Regulatory Commission ready to introduce block rate tariffs for electricity, heating and water

The Energy and Water Regulatory Commission is ready to introduce block rate tariffs for electricity, heating and water. As a result, consumption below a certain threshold will be charged at a lower rate, whereas consumption above these thresholds..

29.05.22 13:05 |

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