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Weather forecast: Cloudy skies and low temperatures

During the next 24 hours the weather will continue predominantly cold. During the night the weather will be calm, with fog in many parts, and showers in some regions of Southeastern Bulgaria. During the day no precipitation is in the forecast, with..

02.12.22 19:55 |

Weather forecast: Yellow warning for dangerous precipitation in 21 regions of the country

On Thursday there will be snow in the region between the Danube plain and the Balkan Range, and on higher ground in the West. Over the Danube plain and the Ludogorie region there will be rain and snow, with black ice. In Southern Bulgaria there will..

30.11.22 19:55 |

Cold and cloudy on Wednesday 

It will be cloudy on Wednesday. Light rain will fall mainly in southern Bulgaria, and light snow - in the Balkan foothills. Precipitation will stop in the Danube and Dobrudzha plains during the day. The minimum temperatures will be from 0 to 5°C and the..

29.11.22 19:05 |

Winter is coming, temperatures drop

The night sky will be predominantly clear, but cloud cover will begin to thicken from the west. The lowest temperatures will be between minus 2° and 3°C, in Sofia – around minus 2°C. Monday will be predominantly cloudy with..

26.11.22 18:00 |

Warning for dangerous precipitation in 20 regions of Bulgaria on Monday

On Monday, a cold atmospheric front will pass over Bulgaria. It will rain over the whole country. An orange code alert for dangerous precipitation has been issued in the Blagoevgrad district.  The minimum temperatures will be from 8 to 13 °C; in..

20.11.22 18:50 |

Weather forecast: Temperatures continue high for the season

During the night and tomorrow the weather will be predominantly cloudy with showers in some parts and considerable rain in the Northwest in the evening and during the night - in Western and Central Bulgaria. In the eastern part of the country there..

19.11.22 18:00 |

Cold spell to continue on Saturday

It will be mostly cloudy during the next 24 hours. Mainly in the south-eastern half of the country it will rain, and in the extreme south-eastern regions there will be conditions for significant rain. In the evening, the rain will stop in most areas. A..

11.11.22 19:45 |

Weather continues warm for the season

On Thursday minimum temperatures will range from 7 to 13° C., for Sofia 8°. During the day there will be sun, with clouds developing from the Northwest though no rain is in the forecast. Daytime temperatures will continue high for the season,..

02.11.22 19:55 |

Temperatures remain high, the second summer continues

On Tuesday morning visibility will be diminished in parts of Eastern Bulgaria and along the River Danube. Minimum temperatures 8-13° C., for Sofia - 8° C. During the day there will be sun, with maximum temperatures reaching 22°-27° C., for Sofia 24°..

31.10.22 19:55 |

Weather remains sunny on Friday

On Friday, the lowest temperatures will be between 5 and 10°C, in Sofia around 6°C. In the morning, there will be low cloudiness or fogs in the eastern regions and along the Danube. It will be sunny during the day. The highest..

27.10.22 19:45 |

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