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Weather to remain unchanged and without precipitation

Fog will form in the lowlands and near water basins on Wednesday morning. The lowest temperatures will be between 1 and 4 °C in western Bulgaria and up to 7-10 °C in eastern regions of the country. During the day in many places in..

26.10.21 19:45 |

Drop in temperatures expected on Sunday

During the night the clouds will be significant, in many places there will be rain, in some areas in Eastern Bulgaria there will be more significant amounts. Tomorrow, before noon from the northwest, the precipitation will quickly stop, the clouds..

23.10.21 15:19 |

Rain across the country expected tomorrow, snow in some parts

On Friday it will rain all over the whole country. In Central Bulgaria the precipitation will be significant. The minimum temperatures will be up to 3 °C and in the high fields of Western Bulgaria in the morning the rain will be mixed with snow. Maximum..

14.10.21 19:45 |

Weather forecast for Wednesday, 13 October

On Wednesday there will be clouds but no rain. The clouds will temporarily disperse during the morning. Maximum temperatures 12°-17° C., for Sofia 12° C. Along the Black Sea coast the rain will stop in the morning. Maximum air temperatures..

12.10.21 19:35 |
Rhodope Mountains and Arda River

Cold weather on Sunday, snowfall expected in high mountain parts

Cloudy weather with rainfall in the western parts is expected in Bulgaria on Saturday. Maximum temperatures will be mostly between 10 and 15 °C .  Along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast there will be significant clouds and moderate northeasterly..

09.10.21 18:05 |

Cold and windy weather on Saturday in Bulgaria's western parts, warmer in the east

On Saturday the weather in Bulgaria will remain cloudy, in many places with precipitation, more significant in Western Bulgaria. A light wind will blow in Eastern Bulgaria to a strong northeast wind. The maximum temperatures will range from 6 °C in the..

08.10.21 19:45 |

Yellow code alert for intense rainfall across the country on Friday

On Friday it will be cloudy, rainy and windy over the whole country. The precipitation in Western and Central Bulgaria will be more significant.  The minimum temperatures will be between 8 °C and 13 °C, and highs will reach 11 °C to 16 °C, for the..

07.10.21 19:45 |

Weather forecast for Bulgaria for Monday, October 4, 2021

Clear skies are in the weather forecast for most parts of Bulgaria for Sunday night. Low clouds will form only in the eastern parts of the country. Morning frosts are expected in some valleys in Western Bulgaria. The minimum temperatures in most..

03.10.21 17:35 |

Cloudy and cool weather expected on Friday

The weather on Friday will be cloudy with light rain expected in the Rila-Rhodope region and along the Black Sea coast. The minimum temperatures will be between 8 and 13 °C, and the maximum - between 15 and 20 °C, for the region of Sofia - up to 15 °C...

30.09.21 19:40 |

Warm autumn weather expected in the weekend in Bulgaria

The weather in Bulgaria will be sunny on Saturday. The maximum temperatures will range from 22 to 27 °C, for the region of Sofia - up to 24 °C. Along the Black Sea coast it will be mostly sunny with scattered clouds. The maximum air temperatures..

24.09.21 19:45 |
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