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Weather forecast: Sunny and warm on Wednesday and Thursday

On Wednesday lows in the country will range from 3° C. to 8° C., for Sofia 5° C. During the day the weather will be sunny with a moderate wind from the East-Northeast. Maximum temperatures 23-28° C., lower along the Black Sea coast, for Sofia 25° C...

09.04.24 18:05 |

Weather forecast: Springtime temperatures continue on Wednesday, with a moderate wind

On Wednesday minimum temperatures in Bulgaria will range from 6° C. to 11° C., for Sofia 6° C. During the day the weather will be predominantly sunny. At around midday and in the afternoon there will be scattered clouds to the West. There will be a..

02.04.24 18:05 |

Weather forecast: Spring Sunday with summertime temperatures reaching 30° C.

During the night the weather will be clear, with minimum temperatures 7-12° C. for Sofia around 8° C. On Sunday the weather will be sunny with scattered high clouds. Temperatures will be high, reaching a maximum of 25-30° C., for Sofia..

30.03.24 18:00 |

Weather forecast: Temporary drop in temperatures, rain and snow in the mountains

During the night, after temporarily dispersing, the clouds will begin to increase from the Southwest. The Northwestern wind will subside, and in Western Bulgaria will die down. Minimum temperatures minus 1° C. to 4° C., for Sofia around minus 1° C...

25.03.24 18:05 |

The weather continues warm, cloudy and rainy

On Thursday theminimum temperatures will range from 4° C. to 9° C., for Sofia 4° C. During the day there will be clouds and rain, most of all over the region locked between the Balkan range and the Danubian Plain and Eastern Bulgaria. There will be a..

13.03.24 18:10 |

The weather continues cloudy and rainy with snow in the upper reaches of the mountains

On Wednesday minimum temperatures will range from, 3° C. to 8° C., for Sofia 5° C. During the day there will be significant clouds and rain mostly over Eastern Bulgaria and the region of Rila and the Rhodopes. There will be a moderate, in the..

12.03.24 17:55 |

Weather forecast: Temperatures to go up on Sunday

Fog and low clouds are in the forecast for some areas in Western Bulgaria on Sunday morning. Clouds will dissipate and it will be mostly sunny in the afternoon hours. There will be moderate southerly and southeasterly winds. The lowest temperatures..

09.03.24 17:20 |

Weather forecast: Springtime temperatures on Sunday

On Sunday, there will be considerable clouds with showers in isolated parts of Western Bulgaria and the mountain regions. There will be a light, in Eastern Bulgaria to moderate wind from the Southeast. Minimum temperatures 6-11° C., maximum 13-18°..

24.02.24 18:00 |

Weather forecast: Sun over Western Bulgaria, clouds in the East

On Friday, minimum temperatures minus 3-2° C., higher in the Eastern parts of the country, for Sofia minus 3° C. During the day there will be sun over Western Bulgaria. To the East there will be clouds, with occasional light rain. Maximum..

15.02.24 18:00 |

Weather forecast: Sunday will be warm for February

Over the next 24 hours the weather will be predominantly cloudy with light rain in Southwestern Bulgaria and the region of the Rhodopes. Minimum temperatures in most regions of the country 7-12° C., for Sofia around 7° C.   Tomorrow there..

10.02.24 18:05 |
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