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Anna Maleshkova explores the history of Bessarabian settlers from Bulgaria 

Writer Anna Maleshkova celebrated her 80th birthday at the end of 2023 - at a heartwarming meeting with like-minded friends at the State Archives in the capital. "I'm still looking forward, I still want to live, I love life, I..

08.01.24 18:32 |

Haki Kan - the boy who beat ill fate with kindness

"I am Haki Kan - a writer, 29 years old from Kardzhali. I do charity work and I write, these are my two main activities. I want to bring inspiration through my words and I want my deeds to be inspirational". This is how our latest report about the..

23.12.23 07:35 |

Veso Portarsky - a Bulgarian Santa in Berlin who brings us stories for Christmas

"The evening went well. Just as it should be. It was Christmas Eve after all.... That day I was given an important role. Perhaps the most important of all: that of Santa Claus" - so begins the story "The Wish Santa Claus Could Not Fulfil" by the..

13.12.23 13:59 |
Boyan Angelov in the studio of Radio Bulgaria

Boyan Angelov: Human philosophy is encoded in our language

The oldest writers' organization in Europe - the Union of Bulgarian Writers - is marking 110 years since its founding with official festive events in Sofia . The current chairman of the union is Boyan Angelov - a Bulgarian poet, literary historian..

15.11.23 16:23 |

The Union of Bulgarian Writers marks 110th anniversary

The Union of Bulgarian Writers is celebrating 110 years since its foundation. The creative association was established on September 8, 1913. Ivan Andreychin (literary and theater critic, poet, fiction writer, playwright and translator) was elected its..

08.09.23 10:11 |

Vanya Yordanova and the worlds she depicts in her books

Vanya Yordanova is young, talented and loves to depict worlds. A small part of them are included in her first collection of poems “ Risuvam mechti” (“I Draw Dreams”), which was published in 2021. Recently, her first collection of..

20.06.23 13:55 |

A book about the Apostle of a political prisoner gets published 53 ‎years after it was written

There were also such Bulgarians - they could not bear the shackles of ‎their own soul, but in order to live in freedom they had to first win the ‎liberation of their people. Countless heroes left this world all too early ‎with similar desires...

13.03.23 14:34 |

Bulgarian writer Iliyan Kuzmanov highly rated in British literary ranking

The Bulgarian writer and journalist Iliyan Kuzmanov topped the British ranking of Talk Radio for the most preferred book in the UK, writes BTA. Almost 10,000 people voted for the Bulgarian author's novel "The Devil, I Know Him" , leaving behind..

20.12.22 10:15 |
The city of Prilep

More about Dimitar Talev, Prilep and its citizens

Around September 1, when the birthday anniversary of renowned Bulgarian writer Dimitar Talev is marked, Bulgarian media raised the question of the fate of his home in the city of Prilep, North Macedonia. "Radio Bulgaria" searched for the..

20.09.22 15:05 |

Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov presents his latest novel "Time Shelter" in New York

To return to where it all began. This is exactly what one of the most famous and internationally recognized Bulgarian authors, Georgi Gospodinov, will do with his latest novel "Time Shelter " (original title “ Времеубежище”). On September 7,..

07.09.22 10:23 |
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