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Aleko Konstantinov House-Museum marks its 95th anniversary

The anniversary is marked with an exhibition in Aleko Konstantinov’s place of birth – the town of Svishtov located on the right bank of Danube River. Aleko Konstantinov, nicknamed “The Lucky Man” (Shtastlivetsa), is among the most prominent..

22.05.21 11:00 |
Georgi Gospodinov

Writer Georgi Gospodinov receives another international award

Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov received the award of the "Usedom Literary Days" Festival, BNR’s "Horizon t " program. The literary forum is named after the Baltic Sea island of Usedom, divided between Germany and Poland. The..

18.04.21 13:47 |

Rosen Karamfilov's versatile talent - creativity amidst pandemic

Poet, writer, artist, musician – a versatile personality who hates monotony and jealously guards his spontaneity as his strongest asset in everything he does. Rosen Karamfilov uses each of his talents to convey a certain message, as well as..

08.04.21 13:10 |
Prof. Michael Bar-Zohar

Sofia-born writer Prof. Michael Bar-Zohar to run for president of Israel

The prominent Israeli writer with Bulgarian roots, Prof. Michael Bar-Zohar, is a candidate for president of Israel, bTV reports.  Prof. Bar-Zohar is the author of one of the most exciting books about the rescue of Bulgarian Jews during the Second..

06.04.21 11:27 |

Remembering writer Yordan Radichkov in the most Bulgarian month of January

Bulgarian writer Yordan Radichkov left this world in the month of January back in 2004 but we know about his feelings for his favorite frosty month from a play of the same name. "January, the most Bulgarian of all months, when the windows of..

23.01.21 06:35 |
Slobodan Simic

Serbia's Slobodan Simic wins Aleko 2020 literary award

The celebrations of the 158th anniversary of the birth of the emblematic Bulgarian writer Aleko Konstantino v began today in his native town Svishtov. The literary award in memory of the writer was given out for the 54th time.  This year's winner of..

13.01.21 18:01 |

Anna Kamenova – a writer of graceful expression and a passion for travel

Writer Anna Kamenova was born just six years before the end of the revolutionary 19 th century – enough to inspire in her a fighting spirit and love of country which accompanied her to her dying breath. Born in 1894 in Plovdiv,..

09.01.21 07:55 |

Exhibition on the occasion of 90th birthday of writer Anton Donchev

Vice President Iliana Yotova has opened an exhibition dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Acad. Anton Donchev at the "Sts. Cyril and Methodius” National Library in Sofia. Highlights of the exhibition are the first edition of " Vreme Razdelno " ("Time..

01.10.20 18:35 |
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