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Parliamentary Elections 2023

In this section you can find everything you need to know about the elections in Bulgaria, including – news, comments, analyses and historical references. 

Local election campaign kicks off

Exactly a month from now, on 29 October, Bulgarians will elect mayors and municipal councillors in local government for the next four years.  Over the next 30 days, candidates will have the opportunity to present their ideas for the development of the..

published on 9/29/23 5:50 AM

Central Election Commission announces final results of the vote

GERB-SDS won the early parliamentary elections with 669,924 votes and received 69 seats in the 49th National Assembly. "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" coalition received 621,069 votes and will have 64 MPs. "Vazrazhdane"..

published on 4/7/23 8:50 AM
The Central Election Commission’s Spokesperson Rositsa Mateva

Central Election Commission to announce the official results of the early parliamentary elections

Today, April 6, the Central Election Commission (CEC) is expected to officially announce the results of the early parliamentary elections, as well as the distribution of the Parliamentary seats among the parties and coalitions , the BNR’s reporter..

published on 4/6/23 5:05 AM
Nikola Tulechki

"United for Fair Elections"announces the most frequent electoral violations

Transportation of voters, voting on behalf of other people, campaigning at polling stations - these are some of the electoral violations found by the observers from the "United for Fair Elections" on election day. In the village of Bukovlak (Pleven..

published on 4/3/23 7:45 PM

Six formations enter new Parliament with 100% of tally sheets processed

With 100% of tally sheets processed, "GERB-SDS" coalition retains a lead over the second-placed coalition "We Continue the Change   - Democratic Bulgaria".  The results as of 17:55 local time on 3 April are:  GERB-SDS  - 26,51%, or 669,361..

updated on 4/3/23 6:58 PM
Slavi Trifonov

Slavi Trifonov thanks voters for ITN’s entry in Parliament

T he leader of “ There is Such a People” (ITN) Slavi Trifonov thanked the party‘ s supporters with a short video on Facebook on the occasion of ITN’s entry in Parliament. ITN came 6th at the April 2 election. "You will have..

published on 4/3/23 6:35 PM

Prosecutor's office opens 140 pre-trial proceedings for election violations

The prosecutor's office has opened 140 pre-trial proceedings and 859 files for crimes against citizens' political rights, the institution announced.  The data refer to the period from the beginning of the election campaign until today.  The..

published on 4/3/23 3:55 PM

What Bulgarians want is action and a constructive thought for the future

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new,” according to Socrates. People in Bulgaria want change too though they seem more turned towards the ghosts of the past. There has been a string of..

updated on 4/3/23 1:53 PM

MRF is the undisputed winner among Bulgarians abroad

With 99,86% of the protocols of the polling stations counted outside the country , the Movement for Rights and Freedoms - MRF won the most votes. They received 62,906 ballots or 36.86% of the votes abroad.  According to the Central Election..

updated on 4/3/23 1:50 PM

Bulgarian compatriots abroad: Bulgaria is the mother of all of us!

The early parliamentary vote has already ended and the results are once again causing concern and bewilderment. It seems that we would have difficult weeks ahead, as we are once again going to see rounds of negotiations between..

published on 4/3/23 1:30 PM