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In this section you can find everything you need to know about the elections in Bulgaria, including – news, comments, analyses and historical references. 

Focus on energy, inflation and social problems as elections approach in Bulgaria, according to OSCE interim report

The president and the provisional government are visible in the pre-election environment with critical statements towards previous government’s decisions.  The campaign tone has been often divisive, further politicising the issues of gas and oil..

published on 9/24/22 4:42 PM

Eight parties stand a chance of entering the next parliament: Mediana poll

GERB party has an almost 10% lead on the second political force – We Continue the Change , indicates a national social survey conducted by Mediana polling agency funded by the agency. According to the survey, there will be 8 political formations..

published on 9/24/22 12:14 PM
Ivan Kondov

MFA reports good organization of forthcoming elections abroad

The organisation of the elections abroad is going according to plan,  said Ivan Kondov, chairman of the "Elections" working group of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Almost all ballot papers and more than half of the voting machines were sent to..

published on 9/23/22 1:35 PM

Persons with Covid-19 and their contacts will be able to vote if there are mobile ballot boxes for persons with disabilities

There will be no separate mobile ballot boxes for the people infected with Covid-19, or their contacts for the upcoming election because there is no extraordinary epidemic situation in place in the country , the Central Electoral Commission has..

published on 9/23/22 10:31 AM

Central Electoral Commission: All machine vote slips shall be counted

“The voting machines which Bulgarians in the US, Canada, the UK and Greece will be using at the upcoming election have already been sent out,” Central Electoral Commission (CEC) spokesperson Rossitsa Mateva has announced. 301 is the number of..

published on 9/22/22 11:36 AM
Yulii Pavlov

Poll: Six parties to enter parliament, two are on the brink

Two weeks before the elections the gap between GERB and "We Continue the Change" reached nearly 7% , said the director of the Center for Analysis and Marketing (CAM) Yulii Pavlov. According to him, six parties will enter the parliament and two..

published on 9/21/22 3:20 PM

Voting software is now officially certified

The last step for the authentication of the voting machines has been carried out in the Ministry of e-Government. This is trusted build of the software of the machines and generation of hash code. The process took place in a..

published on 9/20/22 9:51 AM

Locations of polling stations abroad are now published

Starting September 14, citizens can check the locations and addresses of polling stations abroad. They are published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The head of the "Elections" working group at the ministry, Ivan..

published on 9/14/22 11:48 AM

Official election campaign donations remain low

The pre-election donations for "We Continue the Change" have been decreasing compared to the campaign in the autumn of 2021, interim reports filed to the State Audit Office show. "We Continue the Change" have attracted 154,000 euros..

published on 9/13/22 1:22 PM
Dobromir Zhivkov.

The undecideds can reverse the election

It is difficult to predict the results of the October 2 elections because it is not clear how many people will vote , Dobromir Zhivkov, a sociologist at the Market Links agency, told BNR. "The election campaign is currently sluggish. I expect that..

published on 9/11/22 3:34 PM