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A walk in the Sea Garden in Burgas

The Sea Garden in Burgas is a favourite place for recreation and entertainment for the residents and guests of the coastal city and a national monument of landscape architecture, established in the beginning of the 20 th century...

published on 6/14/22 10:22 AM

142 years Bulgarian Lev

The Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) celebrated 142 years since the creation of the Bulgarian lev with an Open Day. Visitors had the opportunity to visit the Governing Council Hall, where some of the most important decisions in the..

published on 6/6/22 4:02 PM

Children’s Day at the BNR

Today the Bulgarian National Radio opened its doors to the youngest for a celebration of Children’s Day. The guests brought laughter, songs, fun and games to the courtyard of the BNR.   Take a look at the photos by Ani Petrova. Find out more about the..

published on 6/1/22 3:50 PM

The mosaics of ancient Philippopolis

Plovdiv or Philippopolis, as it was called in antiquity, is one of the oldest permanently inhabited cities in Europe. Founded by Philip II (father of Alexander the Great), the city quickly became one of the most beautiful settlements in all of Thrace,..

published on 5/26/22 3:29 PM

The cats of the city

Rome is famous for its cats. But we can see in many other cities around the world these semi-domesticated small predators, deified in antiquity, primarily because of their fight against rodents. They still perform this function quite successfully to..

published on 5/18/22 1:27 PM

The lights of Sofia

The International LUNAR Festival of Lights took place in Sofia for the first time, attracting great interest. For four days citizens and guests to the city enjoyed impressive light installations that transformed the city center. Read more about the..

published on 5/10/22 11:57 AM

The Central Mineral Baths of Sofia in Spring

  The Central Mineral Baths building is a landmark in the capital of Bulgaria. Photographs of the Baths and its surrounding area are used for Sofia's promotional postcards, it is a must-stop for all tourists and visitors to the capital.  Today, the..

published on 5/3/22 5:32 PM

Bulgaria’s Pazardzhik between Palm Sunday and Easter

112 km southeast of the capital Sofia and 37 km west of Bulgaria’s second-biggest city Plovdiv lies Pazardzhik - a town which, due to its favourable climate, is one of the Bulgaria’s most fertile centres for the growing of fruits and vegetables. Its..

published on 4/19/22 11:10 AM

Flowers for Palm Sunday

This coming Sunday, 17 April, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks Palm Sunday. But as there are no free-growing palms in our part of the world, it is budding willow twigs that are the symbol of this day in Bulgaria. In folklore tradition, Palm Sunday..

published on 4/15/22 4:15 PM

Bulgarian folk aprons: temporary exhibition at the Ethnographic Museum in Plovdiv

The Regional Ethnographic Museum in Plovdiv is housed in one of the largest and most beautiful Bulgarian Renaissance houses. The language of traditional Bulgarian aprons revealed in exhibition in Plovdiv Visitors have the opportunity to..

published on 4/11/22 1:52 PM