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St. Nicholas miracles: little known tales and legends

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/Audio01_eng_29_11_10.mp3 St. Nicholas is one of the most loved and honored saints in Bulgaria. The winter feast of the saint is celebrated on 6 December. In folklore the day is known as Nikulden or Fish..

published on 12/3/10 11:13 AM

Bear’s day (St. Andrew’s day)

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Myzika/Audio02_eng_29_11_10.mp3 The Christian feast of St. Andrew’s day is also observed as Bear’s day in Bulgarian folklore tradition. Folk myth has it that St. Andrew once tamed a bear hence the coinciding of the..

published on 11/30/10 11:02 AM

Nothing of ours is bad – communal support as a source of optimism for Bulgarians

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio01_eng_22_11_10.mp3 Nothing of ours is bad is a common Bulgarian saying. We often use it in the context of our typical proclivity to make fun of our own flaws. “There’s no mountain higher than..

published on 11/23/10 10:36 AM

Folk stories on the family

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio01_eng_18_11_10.mp3 “The man is half a man, and the woman- half a woman. They roam the earth like that, until they meet and get married to make a whole person”, reads a short story from Northern..

published on 11/19/10 10:39 AM

Legends and Beliefs about Orthodox Saints

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Myzika/audio01_eng_17_11_10.mp3 In Folk Studio we feature some of the most interesting legends and stories about Christian Orthodox saints that have become part of Bulgarian folklore. Stay with us! God is the..

published on 11/18/10 10:46 AM

Working Bee songs

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Myzika/audio01_eng_11_11_10.mp3 We bring you today a selection of folk songs traditionally performed at sedyank, the Bulgarian word for working bee gatherings in the past. What was the so-called “sedyanka” and what..

published on 11/12/10 12:08 PM

Bread and Wine

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio01_eng_09_11_10.mp3 Bread and wine are traditional Christian symbols, which are an indispensable part of rituals related to the Holy Communion, baptizing, or service for the dead. Long before Bulgaria..

published on 11/10/10 10:44 AM

Saint Archangel Michael

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio01_eng_04_11_10.mp3 Hello and welcome to this edition of Folk Studio on Radio Bulgaria! Today we offer you a feature on an important feast in the Bulgarian Orthodox Church calendar, the Day of the Holy..

published on 11/5/10 10:26 AM

Dimitrovden - the day of Saint Demetrius

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio02_eng_26_10_10.mp3 Hello and welcome to this edition of Folk Studio on Radio Bulgaria! Today we offer you a feature on one of the best loved holidays in the Bulgarian festive calendar, the day of..

published on 10/26/10 12:19 PM

Present-day wedding rituals

ftp://files.bnr.bg/RadioBulgaria/Angliiska/Folklor/audio01_eng_25_10_10.mp3 Man is born only once, and only once he marries and dies, one of the most popular Bulgarian proverbs goes. It is quite telling of the way Bulgarians understand key values. The..

published on 10/26/10 10:38 AM