Day of the Holy Cross

On 14 September the Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks one of the big feast days on the clerical calendar – the Day of the Holy Cross – one of four days of the year when believers honour the cross of Jesus. The other days fall on the third Sunday of..

published on 9/14/20 3:05 AM

Faithful go to spend the night in Krastova Gora

On the eve of one of the 12 big Christian feasts – Holy Cross Day – people from all over the country are coming to Krastova Gora (Forest of the Cross) in the Rhodopes, BNR-Plovdiv reports. Because of the anti-epidemic measures this year,..

published on 9/13/20 1:19 PM

Photo exhibition traces the return of Southern Dobrudzha within the bounds of Bulgaria

“Dobrudzha 1940” .   This is the title of a photo exhibition opening in Varna on 11 September. It is part of the events marking the 80 th anniversary since the signing of the Treaty of Craiova and the return of Southern Dobrudzha within the bounds of..

published on 9/12/20 5:05 AM

Old radios tell their stories

More than 80 old radios are on display at the Historical Museum in the town of Polski Trambesh (North Bulgaria) until the end of October. The place for this interesting exposition was not chosen randomly: “Each historical museum aims to..

published on 9/11/20 10:53 AM
Castropignano Fortress which is said to have been Bulgarian fortress in the Middle Ages

In the footsteps of the Bulgarians in Medieval Italy

There are at least a hundred Italian settlements and localities which are said to be of Bulgarian origin. Most are located south of the capital Rome. Celle di Bulgheria in Salerno Province is the most popular one. The local population proudly call..

published on 9/10/20 12:32 PM

The Bulgarian trace in the frescoes of Chora Church in Istanbul

The Chora Church* in Istanbul, world-famous for its unique frescoes, will probably follow the fate of the emblematic Hagia Sophia in the Turkish capital. The news of its conversion into a mosque, following a decree of Turkish President Recep..

published on 8/27/20 5:17 PM

Thirty years after arson, former Party House is witness to protests again

August 26, 1990 remains forever in the history of Bulgaria with the arson of one of the symbols of power in the country – the building of the former Communist Party House . Ten months after ousting communist leader Todor Zhivkov, citizens were..

published on 8/26/20 2:28 PM
Daniela Agre

Archaeologists study large-scale site with sanctuary from Roman times

An archaeological site near the village of Stroyno close to Elhovo has a huge potential to become a significant cultural and tourist destination for Southeastern Bulgaria . The excavations are being carried out under the direction of Daniela Agre from..

published on 8/20/20 1:02 PM

Archaeologists discover 6th-century rotunda mausoleum at ancient city of Perperikon

Bulgaria's leading archaeologist, Prof. Nikolay Ovcharov, and his team have found a rotunda mausoleum at one of Bulgaria's emblematic archaological sites - the ancient rock city of Perperikon. The new site is a rotunda mausoleum rotunda of the..

published on 8/16/20 12:59 PM

August 16 - Commemorating life and work of St. Joachim Osogovski

The Bulgarian people have four heavenly protectors. These are hermits who spent their lives in solitude and left a mark in the spiritual life of people. For centuries, Bulgarians jealously guarded their relics and honored their memory. These..

published on 8/16/20 5:10 AM