Meatfare Sunday prepares Orthodox Christians for Lent

Meatfare Sunday is a moveable feast , whose date depends on Easter, falling on the Sunday 8 weeks before Easter . On Meatfare Sunday the family dinner includes meat, hence the name of the feast day. One of the traditions on this day is to..

published on 2/23/20 8:10 AM

February 19 – Day of commemoration for Bulgaria’s Apostle of Freedom

February 19 is the date on which we bow our heads down and remain silent for a minute to pay respect to the glorious cause and commemorate the heroic demise of one of the greatest guardians of Bulgarian freedom – Vasil Ivanov Kunchev - Levski...

published on 2/19/20 3:52 PM

Levski’s legacy is our national bible

Our history is not going to pin my merits on someone else, says the Apostle of Bulgarian freedom Vasil Levski. Today, 147 years after his heroic death these words ring just as true as they did then and Vasil Levski has long ago taken a place..

published on 2/18/20 12:54 PM

Radio Bulgaria turns 84

In its original form, Radio Bulgaria came to life on February 16, 1936 - just 13 months after radio broadcasting in Bulgaria became a state-owned activity, and the Bulgarian radio, then called Radio Sofia, officially started its operation. It was..

updated on 2/17/20 3:13 PM

The labour army forces and the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews

At the entrances of some of the Nazi concentration camps, the SS members cynically wrote "Arbeit macht frei" – "Labor makes you free." Without the irony, and with the tears of very bitter realism during World War II in Bulgaria, many Bulgarian..

published on 1/27/20 4:08 PM

Arapovo Monastery – a guardian of Orthodoxy and the Bulgarian spirit

The Arapovo Monastery of Saint Nedelya located southeast of the town of Asenovgrad is the only Bulgarian monastery built during the Ottoman rule. In the period of Bulgaria’s National Revival, it played an important role in the..

updated on 1/21/20 12:24 PM

In Kaloyan Fortress children reenact historical battles in open lessons

The Bulgarian history leaves the textbooks and takes us back to a medieval castle where everything learned in the classrooms is experienced through different roles – soldiers fight with knights, boyars discuss state affairs and peasants knead..

published on 1/20/20 2:53 PM

Bulgarian Orthodox Church honours Saint Euthymius, Patriarch of Turnovo

On January 20 th the Bulgarian Orthodox Church honours Saint Euthymius, Patriarch of Turnovo. Born around the year 1327, at a very early age Euthymius became a monk at Kilifarevo monastery, a literary hub of major importance to Medieval..

published on 1/20/20 9:44 AM

Documents reveal private correspondence between Ivan Vazov and Evgeniya Mars

Valuable documents connected with the relationship between the patriarch of Bulgarian literature Ivan Vazov and his muse – writer, translator and public figure Evgeniya Mars have been handed over to the Archives State Agency. They include 106 letters, 40..

published on 1/18/20 10:05 AM

Avram Chalyovski – one of the first chocolate manufacturers in Bulgaria

Chocolate is among the most favourite sweet temptations worldwide. Its multicoloured packaging make children and adults stop quite often in front of the chocolate stands. Today, there are plenty of chocolate varieties on the market and we often..

published on 1/17/20 2:13 PM