Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors the memory of Saint Anthony the Great

On January 17 the Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors the memory of Saint Anthony the Great who is regarded as one of the founders of monasticism in the Christian world. In Egypt, Saint Anthony founded a monastery which is preserved until present and is..

published on 1/17/20 9:40 AM
Kalofer, traditional male horo, Epiphany

When Epiphany comes, water purifies the world for new beginning

Today, January 6, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks one of its biggest holidays - Epiphany. According to Christian teachings, on the day of the Baptism of Christ by John the Baptist, all three Persons of the Holy Trinity manifested. When the..

published on 1/6/20 11:44 AM

55 years since the canonization of the Bulgarian Revival cleric and writer Sophronius of Vratsa

On this date 55 years ago, the prominent Bulgarian National Revival figure Sophronius of Vratsa (Sofroniy Vrachanski) was canonized as a saint by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. He is known for having made the first two hand-written copies of the first..

published on 12/31/19 2:52 PM

400-year old canopy restored to former glory at Bachkovo Monastery

Master goldsmith Milen Vodenicharov restored the oldest canopy in the main church at Bachkovo Monastery of the Dormition of the Theotokos near Asenovgrad. Together with his team he re-gilded it, cleaned the enamel, restored the..

published on 12/28/19 9:25 AM

Church architecture – a vocation for Bulgarian architect Tsvetanka Razsolkova

For the Bulgarian architect Tsvetanka Razsolkova everything started in 1997 when she had the urge to start designing churches. Her inspiration came from the Rhodope Mountains, where she was invited by architect Nikolov and the Future for..

published on 12/27/19 9:05 AM

Nativity of Christ - the sacrament of the Incarnation of God

May the Nativity of Christ be blessed and life-saving and the coming New Year to be thriving, joyful, full of health and success for everyone! This was the wish that Archimandrite Pachomius, Rector of the Sofia Theological Seminary “Saint..

published on 12/25/19 7:00 AM

Festive liturgies are served across Bulgaria in expectation of Christ's Nativity

Today, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church holds festive services throughout Bulgaria to mark the Nativity of Christ. At the Saint Nedelya Church in Sofia (the cathedral of the Sofia Bishopric) the day began early in the morning with a special  service and..

published on 12/24/19 11:19 AM
Archangel Gathering, 14c. Bachkovo Monastery (fragment)

Guardian angels watch over the salvation of the human soul

Testing the faith of Abraham, God commanded him to sacrifice his only son Isaac. But at the moment when the father was about to fulfil God's command, an angel of the Lord descended from heaven and stopped his hand. The Old Testament account..

published on 12/24/19 10:10 AM

New monument to Captain Petko Voyvoda keeps memories of his deed alive

A monument to Captain Petko Voyvoda was unveiled in Sofia’s Boris Garden on occasion of the 175 th birth anniversary of the Bulgarian revolutionary who fought against the ottomans in the Rhodopes and Aegean Thrace . The voivode..

published on 12/21/19 8:15 AM

Architectural gems of Bulgaria’s Ruse

Ruse is one of the Bulgarian cities with history that can be traced back to ancient times. It is situated on the banks of the Danube River and people have been living in the area for thousands of years. Throughout the..

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