History museum in Yambol with online studios and games

Every Saturday, as of 23 may, the regional museum of history in Yambol is launching thematic studios and games on its website. Video streams entitled “Four stories and one museum” will acquaint viewers with intriguing and little-known..

published on 5/23/20 6:00 AM

Royal Mineral Baths in Bulgaria's Bankya regain authentic spendour after decades of oblivion

The emblematic building of the royal mineral baths in the small town of Bankya close to Sofia may soon start to receive visitors after years of ruin.  The impressive edifice has a history of over 100 years, as its construction began in 1907 under the..

published on 5/22/20 9:40 AM

Christians honor Saints Constantine and Helen

On May 21, the Orthodox Church honors the memory of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Tsar Constantine the Great and Queen Elena. In this country this day is the holiday of dozens of churches that bear the name of the saints, including the rock..

published on 5/21/20 11:19 AM

Kyustendil- changing faces of the “eternal town”

The history of Kyustendil dates back to the Neolithic period. Part of its glory over the centuries is due to the hot thermal mineral springs. According to some researchers, even the ancient name of this Bulgarian town situated in Southwest..

published on 5/19/20 3:45 PM

Ivan Denkoglou, a benefactor of Bulgarian public education

In Sofia’s central part there is a street named after one of the champions of the Bulgarian nation’s spiritual growth. His acts of charity in 19 c. have given many Bulgarians access to high-quality education for the standards of that time.  Ivan..

updated on 5/15/20 8:37 PM

Saints Cyril and Methodius are depicted on icons as missionaries and educators

It is no coincidence that the first preserved images of the Holy Apostles Cyril and Methodius, whose work the church honors on May 11, come from the heart of Europe. It was in Rome where the brothers from Thessalonica carried out their..

published on 5/11/20 2:37 PM

National Museum of Military History with many surprises online on May 6

Despite changes of the date of celebration over the years, the Day of Bravery and the Bulgarian Army never loses its splendor and solemnity. The respect of Bulgarians for the military remains invariably high today and the sparkling eyes of..

published on 5/5/20 3:00 PM

Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors Saint Boris I Michael- Baptiser of Bulgaria

On May 2 the Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors Saint-Tsar Boris I Michael regarded as baptizer of Bulgaria. Boris I, also known as Boris-Mihail was the ruler of the First Bulgarian Empire between 852 and 889. He introduced Christianity in..

published on 5/2/20 10:11 AM

Epidemics as historical challenge and as opportunity

The old Greek word “epidemos” means “upon people” while pandemic refers to events affecting all nations in the world. Historically such events have always shifted geopolitical layers.But there have always been nations that mange to take advantage..

published on 5/2/20 7:00 AM
The Balkan Mountain town of Klissura

Quietly and with no colourful reenactments Bulgaria celebrates the heroism of the April uprising

The museums in Koprivshitsa , Panagyurishte , Strelcha , Klisura , Batak tell the story of the love of country and self-sacrifice of the heroes of the April uprising in 1876. The names of these towns evoke a deep feeling of pride to this day...

published on 5/1/20 7:20 AM