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A museum of silicone figures in Veliko Tarnovo recreates life in the Second Bulgarian ‎Kingdom

Although through the eyes of a modern person - anticipating the past through the perceptions and ‎imagination of our time, we can get immersed in a period of Bulgarian history, in which Bulgaria was ‎situated on three seas and its culture was flourishing...

published on 7/2/23 4:35 PM

The Bulgarian El Camino, the pilgrimage route from Veliko Tarnovo to Rila Monastery, starts on July 1

To go on a pilgrimage to yourself with the help of faith. This adventure – a symbiosis between the spiritual and physical world, human endurance and faith, past and present is not something unknown, especially to us Europeans.  One of the most..

published on 7/1/23 1:25 PM

The day of Saints Peter and Paul is among the most widely celebrated summer feasts in Bulgaria

The holy apostles Peter and Paul are two of the most revered, famous and influential apostles of the Christian Church. In Bulgaria, both apostles are among the most revered saints.  This is evidenced by the many churches and monasteries in..

published on 6/29/23 7:05 AM

Pulgarn, Austria, is named after the Bulgarian settlers of the 7th century

In the 20th century, the Italian researcher Dr. Vincenzo d'Amico wrote that there were over 700 settlements in Italy founded by Proto-Bulgarians.  His writings are today preserved in the National Library "St. Cyril and Methodius" in Sofia...

published on 6/28/23 3:25 PM

Grand Mufti: Bayram is a new beginning and a reminder to live in service to the community

"Bayram brings us new hope and new beginnings," said the Grand Mufti of Muslims in Bulgaria , Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi, in his address to the faithful on Radio Bulgaria. He stressed the importance of today's holiday, which gives believers the opportunity..

published on 6/28/23 1:15 PM

More than 100 years of Bulgarian migration outside Europe have not erased memory of the Motherland

There is continuity between the old and new Bulgarian emigration around the world and regardless whether the emigrants are in Africa, South America, Asia or North America, Bulgarian compatriots stay united around their schools and the..

published on 6/19/23 2:35 PM

We celebrate the memory of all Bulgarian saints

On the second Sunday after Pentecost, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors all the saints who have lived in Bulgarian lands since the first century. They were Christians of different nationalities Thracians, Slavs and Bulgarians, and others simply..

published on 6/18/23 12:45 PM

Exhibition recalls life in the barracks from the time when military service was compulsory

"When a boy becomes a man..." This is the title of the exhibition in which the National Ethnographic Museum recalls life in the barracks during "those 45 years" (of the socialist regime - ed.) For two months, from June 20 to August 20, the exhibition..

published on 6/18/23 8:25 AM

Patriarch Neophyte receives award for his vivid presence in the spiritual life of the nation

On the occasion of the 75 th birthday of the Bulgarian Patriarch Neophyte, Vice President Iliana Iotova awarded him a  Prof. Marko Semov award for his vivid presence in the spiritual life of the nation.   The award was instituted in 2007 by..

published on 6/16/23 1:04 PM
Alexander Stamboliiski

100 years since the 9 June coup d'état

Vazrazhdane MP Ivelin Parvanov recalled the dark events related to the military coup of June 9, 1923, when the government of Alexander Stamboliiski was ousted from power. Parvanov pointed out that the reason for the coup was Stamboliiski's idea to hold..

published on 6/9/23 1:20 PM