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A home far from home

In this section we present the stories of foreigners who have settled in Bulgaria and those of refugees who have sought asylum in this country. The section builds on a joint project of the Bulgarian National Radio, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the Bulgarian Fund for Women, which was successfully implemented in 2019. It presents life of foreigners in Bulgaria, their culture and customs, the social ties they build in their new country, values they hold to and challenges they face.

REST certificate: Success stories of refugees and their labour market integration

In this edition of “A home far from home” we presentthe REST certificate (Refugee Employment Support and Training), awarded to companies developing their potential of working with refugees. Certificates of honour were awarded, at an..

published on 4/2/19 12:07 PM
Rafik Hana (second from the left) with his colleagues

Rafik Hana, refugee, and his successful career in Bulgaria

Rafik Hana came to Bulgaria with his family from Egypt. At the employment agency for refugees he met his current employer – engineer Boyko Vatov, who says he does not make any distinction between people, the colour of their skin, their religion or..

published on 4/1/19 10:49 AM

“Give warmth!” campaign collects 1,100 kilograms of clothes for refugees

Empathy and helping without wanting anything in return changes lives and gives hope of a better future. The cold winter nights and the need of warm clothing is what prompted the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria to organize the campaign “Give..

published on 3/28/19 11:32 AM
Diana Dimova

“Mission Wings” Foundation – in an endeavour to integrate refugees

Public sentiments regarding refugees are mixed, they are frequently viewed through the prism of prejudice and are rarely understood. The “Mission Wings” foundation from Stara Zagora has the mission of breaking this stereotype by building on the..

published on 3/26/19 12:45 PM

Caritas Sofia and how it helps refugees

One of Caritas Sofia’s many activities is to help refugees in Bulgaria, who, like anyone else, need medical assistance and outpatient care, counselling and support in finding a home, a job, a school and social services. The organization may cover..

published on 3/14/19 10:28 AM

Beyond the myths about refugees

What do refugees expect and how can we help them integrate? Where can the corporate needs of businesses intersect with the interests of refugees so that we can give them the support they need to lead economically independent lives –these are the..

published on 3/12/19 12:51 PM