The diversity of languages is a wealth that few media across the globe can really boast. We are one of them. For more than 80 years now, via the programmes of Radio Bulgaria, the Bulgarian National Radio has been delivering to the world daily information from and about this country in different languages.

The tradition of the foreign-language programmes of the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) dates back over 80 years. It started in the remote 1936 when Radio Sofia launched its short-wave broadcasts, initially in Esperanto and a year later in French, German, English and Italian. Over the years, the number of foreign languages ​​in which the Bulgarian National Radio was making broadcasts targeted at foreign audiences increased, adding Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Albanian, Greek, Serbian...

Since 1992, BNR's broadcasts for audiences abroad have been called Radio Bulgaria, and since May 2004 their team has been maintaining the BNR's multilingual website. Radio Bulgaria also broadcasts daily programmes in Turkish for the mixed population areas in the country that enjoy strong popularity among their listeners.

Today, people around the world have access via the internet pages of Radio Bulgaria, to reliable, accurately presented information in 10 languages on the current developments in this country, on Bulgaria’s economic and political life, its tourist landmarks, history, traditions and culture, as well as the hospitality and national character of Bulgarians.

You can not only read, but you can also listen to us here! In your own language…


Theodosii Spassov about the music of Antarctica

Kaval-player of world renown Theodosii Spassov is the first solo performer to have played on all continents on the planet. At the moment he is a member of the 28 th Bulgarian Antarctic expedition, together with guitarist Hristian..

updated on 2/18/20 11:46 AM

Radio Bulgaria turns 84

In its original form, Radio Bulgaria came to life on February 16, 1936 - just 13 months after radio broadcasting in Bulgaria became a state-owned activity, and the Bulgarian radio, then called Radio Sofia, officially started its operation. It was..

updated on 2/17/20 3:13 PM

Тraditional Bulgarian culture comes to life in Zlatograd’s old town

The picturesque town of Zlatograd located amidst the beautiful Rhodope Mountain is one of the few remaining places in Bulgaria where one can still get a firs-hand experience of the traditional culture of Bulgarians and literally..

updated on 2/17/20 1:33 PM

Vassilen Vasevski, the artist who paints light

An artist is taking a spiritual journey back to the country of his birth with the help of his own experience and the memories he commits to the canvas. But the passage of time has poured oil on troubled waters and the images..

updated on 2/5/20 10:22 AM
The remains of the Sugar Factory in Sofia

Industrial buildings from period of Modernism in Bulgaria and their sad fate

Two young art historians have a goal to attract the focus of public attention to neglected industrial architecture from the period of Modernism in Bulgaria. The legacy of modernist architecture in Bulgaria from the period between the two..

updated on 2/4/20 11:24 AM

Peter Baykov dubs dozens of film characters in world blockbusters

Tales of the courage of the man in the street, travels to far-away kingdoms of gold, bewitched princesses, these are all stories children love, their characters becoming role models. 21-year old acting student Peter Baykov..

updated on 2/3/20 3:50 PM

Stefan Krastanov – the Harvard quantum physicist from Bulgaria

He discovered science thanks to two enlightened teachers at primary school. And now that he is working at the pinnacle of academic knowledge he never forgets to give what he has learnt back tothe world. Because knowledge can..

updated on 1/28/20 3:11 PM

Frenchman from Bordeaux promoting Bulgaria as wine tourism destination

Wine tourism is a chance for Bulgaria to attract wealthy tourists, as well as an opportunity to show the country should not be perceived as a cheap alcohol destination. This is what Frenchman Guy Labeyrie, who has the goal of promoting Bulgaria..

published on 1/17/20 1:48 PM

From the world of fashion modelling to organic farming in Bulgarian village of Akandzhievo

One could find everything in the lives of Valentina Dimitrova and Christian Vassilev – from the glamour of the catwalk and camera flashes, to the love that sparked after a meeting on the other side of the world and the enthusiasm of..

updated on 1/14/20 4:32 PM

Teacher from Hisarya will be Bulgaria’s representative image during Tokyo Olympics

A beautiful woman with a wreath of roses will be the image of Bulgaria during the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. A photo of her will be used for printing an anniversary stamp in Japan. Inspired by a painting by Vladimir Dimitrov -..

updated on 1/14/20 3:02 PM