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Smolyan Lakes heal and rejuvenate

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In the soft reaches of the Beech Mountain in the middle section of the Rhodopes, near the famous ski resort Pamporovo, one comes across some of Bulgaria’s most beautiful mountain lakes – the Smolyan lakes. Scattered on the left slope of the valley of the Cherna River under Orpheus rocks and at the foot of Snejanka Peak (Snow-white) they lie in close proximity to the town of Smolyan. Once, these invigorating mountain lakes numbered twenty. Gradually, whether because of human negligence or due to climatic anomalies, only seven natural lakes survived, with one having been converted into a micro dam. From time to time, when there is high water in springtime, some of the dried-up lakes fill with water again, but only briefly, just enough to turn into marshes. Mystical and beautiful as the Rhodope Mountains in which they were born, they revive with their water even the most exhausted human body and are capable of neutralizing harmful radiation.

After the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986, an experiment was carried out – a uranium-ore laden truck was transported near the lakes which, since antiquity, have had a reputation for their curative properties. Before the truck loaded with the dangerous ore entered the vicinity of the lakes, the radiation near it was very high. However, when the truck entered the boundaries of the curative area of the lakes in the Smolyan region, the radiation suddenly disappeared. This is an explanation given by radiation expert Ivan Todorov who for years has been studying the properties of the water of the Smolyan lakes.

“Radioactive minerals and elements have a half-life”, he says. The fact that radiation is strong at one point and less strong at another is explained by the nature of the disintegration or decay of these chemical substances and the radiation that is released at the moment. It may be associated with lakes. Water in nature, and namely such is the complex of lakes near Smolyan, has the ability to change the environment and electromagnetic radiation, and to saturate the air with a certain type of ions. In an environment that is saturated with negative ions beneficial to humans and which assimilates that heavy radiation, this is possible to happen. Such experiments have been made and observed in major research institutes such as the Space Studies Institute in Graz and the Academy of Natural Sciences in Moscow. In these experiments, the interaction of clean and contaminated water in nature shows how natural water is able to purify contaminated water. This is confirmed scientifically and there is nothing strange believing that the radiation from the transported radioactive material has been absorbed by the lakes. It is quite natural for water to purify itself using its own devices. Passing through different physical states and vortexes when naturally moving in the environment, water constantly changes its chemical composition and structure, discharging part of the accumulated information and other substances in it”, says radiation expert Ivan Todorov.

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Physics expert Georgi Kazaliev who explored the area during the experiment with the uranium ore says the region of the Smolyan lakes is characterized by the so-called mountain breezes - winds restructuring the electroatmosphere. Then the researcher found that the most favorable atmospheric conditions for humans is when the content of negative ions in the ambient air is from 600 to 6,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. This number varies at different times of the day and negative particles are most numerous in mornings and evenings.

“If we talk about the Smolyan lakes themselves, they are located in a unique area of Bulgaria’s nature, under Snejanka peak, in natural depressions and rocky areas”, Ivan Todorov continues. “The trouble is that these lakes are slowly receding from us. The microclimate in this area is unique. There are heights of 1,200 to 1,600 meters above the sea level which are very favorable to people. The altitude of 1,200 meters is the so- called snow line. These are regions where water passes through its four physical states and purifies itself naturally. Of course, the beautiful scenery and the combination of coniferous and deciduous forests in the region are an important prerequisite. Let us not forget that Bulgaria still has the most solid natural beech trees. And it is well known that natural fountains are mainly found in beech forests and it’s where water is born incessantly. Unfortunately, more and more often I see beech firewood sold in stores. The logging of beech forests would deprive us of an astonishing wealth at a time when the water supply is growing scarce worldwide. In recent years, Bulgaria is much courted by the U.S., Russia and Israel, namely because of its water resources. We should not lose this wealth as a result of policies. Not surprisingly, in the region of the Smolyan lakes we have beautiful old beech trees bearing mythical names like “Eurydice’s throne” and “The Lyre of Orpheus". One can also find there one of the oldest beech trees in Bulgaria, having a diameter exceeding four meters and a half. The amazing thing about these trees is that when one appears, slowly a whole forest grows around it. Everywhere such trees are considered sacred and it is no wonder that they are found nowhere else but in the beech part of the Rhodope Mountains”.

© Photo: wikipedia.org

Mysterious and cool, the Rhodope Beech Mountain embraces all visitors with its healing air. For this reason, the Smolyan lakes always keep attracting the people avid for unspoilt wildlife and crystal-clear mountain springs.

“An interesting phenomenon is that near the living sources of water such as rivers, streams and the sea, but mostly near mountain lakes, there is a radiation of a very interesting microlepton gas", Ivan Todorov goes on to say. "These micro- particles differ from ions, which have a very high energy charge. They say this is the spiritual food of man - the particles that allow the soul to revive from serious conditions. So when you end up in these areas, you feel like you are reborn and ennobled.  I fully admit that such a radiation is possible in the region of the Smolyan Lakes. This is a place where one feels relaxed. The fact that the onslaught of man on the lakes is more offensive speaks volumes. Construction there is very active and many people want to be near the water. Another issue is not to lose the balance, trying to appropriate a piece of nature for us thus depriving others of the opportunity to communicate with her. Alas, many healing places in Bulgaria have become fenced off and one can not get near them. It is reckless to sell them as private property. This is a matter of state policy as the national natural landmarks must be accessible to all, not to certain individuals only. This is one of the paths we must take if we want to continue our lives as people on this earth which is our home”, says in conclusion Ivan Todorov.

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