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Funky Miracle – everything is possible

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Photo: courtesy of Funky Miracle

This is a Bulgarian band that combines jazz, fusion, funk and pop. It sounds familiar; moreover that Funky Miracle includes 7 members just like the Akaga Band. The career of the young musicians started in the music school in Sofia, where they used to perform in a big band under the leadership of jazz musicians Mihail Yosifov and Vili Stoyanov. These days most of them continue their education in the Music Academy or the New Bulgarian University. They still have time to participate in the A to Jazz and the Brazzobrazie festivals. More details about the band and their plans from keyboardist Plamen Denchev.

"The name of the band is Funky Miracle because of our broad perception of funk music. We like to combine various styles because each of us has a different taste. Some of us prefer listening to rock and blues, while others like pop, funk and jazz. Our ideas are bornfrom listening to great music. Each style gives something unique. If you're a musician, you have to have extensive knowledge. We have 5-6 own songs, and we recently made a video to one of the songs, called “S Moite Hora” (Together with My People). The song is a summer single and the video brings sea atmosphere. Two of our other original compositions are more experimental, combining jazz and fusion sound. About a week ago we released the first of them – "Breath In."  We are soon to release "You Do not Have to Go." Both songs are non-commercial, but I hope that lovers of experimental music will like them."

There is a little secret about the link between Funky Miracle and Akaga. Funky Miracle drummer Rado is actually the son of trumpeter of "Akaga" Ivo Kazasov. The Akaga gathered in 1992, and "Funky Miracle" emerged two decades later. PlamenDelchev says that Akaga are mentors of his band. The two bands also rehearse together.

But when are music fans to expect the debut album of "Funky Miracle"? "We want to accumulate more material. We plan to release an album that shows what we do on stage, so it will contain mostly "live" music, the band says.

If you think "Funky Miracle" is a group of young people who only care about entertainment and girls, you will be wrong. Along with the carefree themes musicians also focus on much more serious topics.

"Our vocalist Simo is good in writing lyrics in English,” says Plamen Dentchev, who is the second songwriter in the band. “When I write lyrics it is easier for me to use my native language.We are often inspiredby different life situations and events. For example, the lyrics of ‘Breath In’are about the meaning of life. The message we want to convey with the song ‘You Do Not Have to Go,’ is that one has to follow their heart. We want people to be more emotional than pragmatic." English version: Alexander Markov

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