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Greeting cards brought back to life via Bulgarian mobile application

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The iGreet company from Bulgaria has spent few months on the market, but it has already attracted great interest, making the customers smile. The company develops greeting cards from a new generation via this augmented reality technology. Thus the greetings become “live” in front of the man who celebrates as soon as the latter looks at the common paper card via his or her mobile device. Founder of the iGreet Vicho Dimitrov gives us details on his idea:

Снимка“The idea occurred 3 years ago, as me and a colleague of mine developed it as a graduation project at my Master degree in Entrepreneurship & Finances. Then we created the first prototype and saw the positive reactions of the people. The technology exists but it is implemented by major brands and with the purpose of advertising – pretty expensive and tough the reach. I dare to say that the usage of a card is innovation, globally.”

Customers can buy the paper card and download the iGreet mobile application from the company’s website – www.igreet.co, in order to use the new thing. Thus they can see the hidden animated message in it. It is active for the Android and iPhone operational systems, along with iOS8 and also for newer versions. The greeting cards can be purchased from bookstores, flower shops and gift stores, at the price of EUR 2.5. Those can be ordered online too, directly from the mobile application, which is free and will always be, the company assures. The 4 young entrepreneurs from the company’s team work with Bulgarian artists and dozens of cards for different occasions have been created so far.

“We have already begun to work with artists outside the company. The goal of the projects is talented young artists to create the design. We will help them in their development and they will help us with a more diverse portfolio,” Vicho Dimitrov comments.

Love and birthday cards are the most wanted ones for the moment and iGreet has already created several corporate festive cards. The users’ feedback is really positive for the moment.

“It is pretty tough to build up a company out of a single idea, it is a hard process. However, those moments when folks spot and appreciate our work, give us positive energy, making us go on. The opinion of the people is really important. We receive thank you letters on a daily basis and this gives us strength,” Dimitrov says.

He adds that specialized greeting cards with augmented reality use traditional tools for the presentation of a new technology. Augmented reality has been used till now by large companies for products aimed mainly at business, while card producers adhere to the traditional technology. iGreet unites those both within an innovative product. At first the starting company received the support of the Eleven Bulgarian fund, as well as the one of a major American investor. By the end of the year the team hopes to reach foreign markets and investors in the USA, England, Germany and Russia.

The team plans to expand the project in the future by allowing customers to integrate personal video message in the cards. The young entrepreneurs are also working on a new model of cards with 3D animation, along with other products. A children’s book has also been planned with the purpose of education, as kids have shown the greatest interest so far.

English version: Zhivko Stanchev

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