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Drink your coffee in crunchy cup and your whiskey with style

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Cupffee is a waffle coffee cup made of entirely natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. The idea belongs to Bulgarians Miroslav Zapryanov and Mladen Dzhauzov. Here is what Mladen told Radio Bulgaria about his new invention:

“Cupffee is a combination of two products. It is both a cup and food. We invented that product, in order to reduce the use of disposable coffee cups, because they pollute nature a lot. The Styrofoam cups are the worst, because they disintegrate in the course of 500 years. The polyester, the Styrofoam and even the paper cups are made of oil and its residua such as natural gas. The paper cups are made of wooded pulp which is also environmentally unfriendly. The daily consumption of coffee is huge and one-third of the coffees are served in disposable cups, because people are always in a hurry. The purpose of Cupffee is to reduce the number of disposable cups worldwide. Time will show whether this will happen.”


Cupffee remains crunchy and delicious for up to 60 minutes. Many Bulgarian and international companies already showed investors interest towards the new product. That is why Miroslav and Mladen decided to increase production capacity. When the crunchy coffee cup will be available on the local market? More from Miroslav Zapryanov:

“In March 2017 consumers in Bulgaria's city of Plovdiv will have the opportunity to enjoy that product first. One or two months later Cupffee will be sold in all Bulgarian districts. It will take us more time to penetrate the foreign market, because we need to make serious investments first.”

Another Bulgarian Trifon Mihaylov invented the first personal whiskey accessory - WooWhiskey. Here is what Trifon told Radio Bulgaria about his invention:


Снимка“I was missing the sound of the ice cubes in my whiskey glass, but at the same time I did not want to spoil the authentic taste of my favorite drink. That is why I went one night in my workshop and made several oak cubes. I was working on their shape until I found the perfect combination. I will keep the technology in secret. It takes only five minutes to the WooWhiskey cubes to enhance the typical oak flavor of your whiskey due to a specific thermal processing. Moreover, the cubes can be used for a long period of time. They do not change the color or the flavor of the whiskey, but only make it taste the way it should.”

The motto of the brand is Add and Oak Barrel to Your Whiskey. The product received only positive comments so far.

“Some people think they would spoil the taste of a good whiskey if they use my product. However, those who already tried it recommended it to their friends later. Most customers buy the WooWhiskey for a present. Recently we started to offer a special service- we engrave initials on the wooden cubes, which makes them the prefect present. WooWhiskey will change the world for good. Those who already tried it know why!”

English version: Kostadin Atanasov

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