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Dark anniversary: 92 years since St. Nedelya Church terrorist attack

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April 16 marks 92 years since the terrorist attack on St. Nedelya Church in Sofia in which 213 were killed and 500 injured. It was carried out on Maundy Thursday by a group from the military wing of the Bulgarian Communist Party. This has been the most blood-letting terrorist attack in Bulgarian history.

After the failure of the September Uprising in 1923, the Bulgarian Communist Party was outlawed. The Communists though decided to strike back. They chose the funeral service of Gen. Konstantin Georgiev scheduled for 16 April 1925 at St. Nedelya Church with many representatives of Bulgaria’s civil and military elite supposed to attend. The explosion caused the main dome of the church to collapse killing 134 in the spot but many died from their injuries later. The number of injured came to 500. Twelve generals, 15 colonels, 3 majors, 9 members of parliament and many citizens including children died in the horrendous blast.

By a lucky chance cabinet ministers received only minor injuries. King Boris III was not present held by another emergency and thus survived.

In the wake of the atrocious attack the Bulgarian government declared martial law and started a series of repressions against the extreme Left, including death by hanging of some of the terrorist attack’s organizers.

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