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Forest fires raging in Greece

Photo: AP / BTACode Red for danger of fires has been in force in Greece since Saturday as the situation is complicated because of the hot weather and strong winds. Despite all preventive measures taken so far, on Saturday some 59 forest fires broke out and on Sunday their number reached 63. In the region of the town of Peania near Athens the police organized emergency evacuation of the people, the Greek authorities reported.

Protest in Belgrade leads to clashes with police

Photo: TanjugIn the Serbian capital city of Belgrade the 36th consecutive protest of citizens of the “1 out of 5 million” initiative took place. During an attempt of the protesters to remove fences in front of the presidency in order to leave a list of demands, security guards pushed away the people and one of them had to be taken to the emergency hospital ward. Union for Serbia condemned the incident and called for the immediate identification of those responsible for it.

Thousands of people call for resignation of government in Bucharest

Photo: AP / BTAAbout 24,000 people gathered in the Romanian capital city of Bucharest in order to call for the resignation of the government, chanting “Thieves” and “Resign.” In August a year ago, 80,000 protesters were dispersed by the police with tear gas water cannons and rubber batons. Protesters also paid respect to two murdered teenage girls - Alexandra and Luisa. Their death shocked the country and led to street protests.

Frontex has detained 1300 migrants at Albanian-Greek border since May

Photo: REUTERSThe European border security agency – Frontex has announced the results of their several-month work on the green border between Albania and Greece. The head of the Albanian border authorities, Eduard Merkaj, said that since May 22 when Frontex patrols started work on the border, a total of 1300 people who tried to illegally cross the border towards Greece were detained. These were mostly citizens of Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and the Palestinian territories. 66 policemen from 12 EU Member States took part in the Frontex operation.

Kosovo Security Forces to take part in international missions

Photo: REUTERSThe commander of the Kosovo Security Forces, General-Lieutenant Rahman Rama, has announced that in 2021 the Kosovo Army will participate in a joint mission together with the U.S. military in Iraq or Afghanistan. The US will participate with the Aiowa National Guard. According to Rama, participation of Kosovo in international peace-keeping missions would be a big success.

Compiled by: Stoimen Pavlov

English: Alexander Markov

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