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Children from National School of Music Lyubomir Pipkov perform successfully at various music competitions this summer

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All people who are engaged in the music field know well from the very first years that it is a matter of love and vocation, but also requires a lot of hard work. You need to possess technical skills, in order to pass down to other people the meaning and the beauty you feel with your heart. Moreover, you have to maintain these competences on a daily basis without making compromises. That is why the summer holiday is time for hard work for some students. This summer brought the pupils from the National School of Music Lyubomir Pipkov plenty of awards from international music competitions. That is why we added the names of more young laureates of music awards on the fly, after we began preparing this material. Several days ago, seventeen-year-old Mario Bobotsov who studies in the classes of Milka Miteva received the first prize in the young pianists category at the International Youth Music Competition named Hopes, Talents and Masters held in the city of Dobrich. Fourteen-year-old Angel Yalachkov who studies in the classes of Alexander Vasilenko received the second prize of this competition. Violinist Lora Markova (16) who studies in the classes of Blagorodna Taneva received the grad-prix award at the same music competition. Pupils who study in one school with Lora Markova received first prizes in the violin and the viola category. Thirteen-year-old Marina Mravova received highest number of awards.

Antonina Boneva, celebrated pianist and lecturer at the National School of Music Lyubomir Pipkov told Radio Bulgaria details:

Unlike other children who are enjoying their holidays, the summer is a time for concerts and competitions for most of our pupils from the National School of Music. This school year Marina Mravova earned 8 music awards, including Grand Prize Virtuoso-Amsterdam. She took part at the concert of the laureates in the wonderful Concertgebow music hall in the Dutch capital. The concert was held in the second half of July in Amsterdam. Marina did great and it was an amazing experience. Dimitar Tsonev who also studies in my classes won the first prize at the International Competition for Young Pianists in Vranje, Serbia. Of course, I cannot mention the names of all laureates, but I know that we will have another year filled with hard working, because the children are getting ready for these competitions, concerts, exams and school productions in parallel with their school duties. The pupils from the National School of Music study subjects, which are part of the school programmes of the comprehensive schools and we always use the summer holiday to prepare well for these subjects.

The pupils who study harp also added prestigious awards to their collection, Kohar Andonyan who lectures at the National School of Music says and adds:

Fourteen-year-old Viktoria Markova has been getting ready for Suoni d’Arpa 2019 competition in Italy throughout the whole summer.

The competition is organized by the Italian Harp Association, Mrs Andonyan went on to say. This is a very high-level contest and the competition is severe. Chinese pupils earned the first and the third prize and Viktoria placed second, which is a great success for the Bulgarian music school. Viktoria is very musical and always looks for the individual approach. Members of the jury greeted me on the selection of our music repertoire and the way we made the pieces. During the summer, Viktoria attended a master class in Paris in the classes of Professor Suzanna Klincharova. She performed in some of the biggest cathedrals in Paris. Together with other Bulgarian students, she will take part at a concert organized by a popular manufacturer of harps. This is a wonderful opportunity for our children to play on professional music instruments. Currently, we are participating in a charity campaign to raise money for the purchase of a new harp for the National School of Music. We are supported in this campaign by Ranno Pile association. We want our pupils to have the opportunity to play at better instruments, which will help them prepare better for their future careers.

English version: Kostadin Atanasov

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