Резултати : author Albena Bezovska

Composer Petar Dundakov

Film music is freedom and a challenge

They say that the best film music is the one that the viewer does not even notice, but somehow experiences it through the characters, through their actions and emotional states. This seemingly strange definition is shared by Petar..

15.01.21 12:36 |

Film müziği özgür ruhun ifadesi

En iyi film müziğinin seyircinin fark etmediği, ancak bir şekilde içinde hissettiği ve ruhsal algılarıyla benimsediği müzik olduğu iddia ediliyor.  Bu tuhaf tanımlayı Bulgar besteci ve ünlü film müziği yapımcısı Petar Dundakov da paylaşıyor. 20’den..

15.01.21 06:15 |
Georgi Cherkin

Beethoven's masterpieces and little-known works in concert of Sofia Philharmonic

This concert had to take place in December when the whole world celebrated the 250th anniversary of Ludwig Van Beethoven's birth . The concert was then postponed, but fortunately its time has come relatively quickly. In a program composed..

07.01.21 10:27 |

Bogoyavlenie - Teofani yortusu kutlanıyor

Teofani yortusu daha 2.yüzyıldan beri “Rojdestvo Hristovo” ve “Bogoyavlenie” (Teofani yortusu) olarak beraber kutlanır. Daha sonraları Rojdestvo Hristovo 25 Aralık’ta, Teofani yortusu ise 6 Ocak’ta kutlanmaya başlıyor. Bu gün en eski Kilise ve halk..

06.01.21 12:15 |

Bulgarian pop singer Orlin Goranov: "Let's make our dreams come true! Life is wonderful!"

Orlin Goranov is one of Bulgaria’s most popular pop singers, a favourite performer of generations of Bulgarians at home and abroad. Among his most famous hits are "The world is made for two", "A childhood memory" (duet with pop singer..

01.01.21 10:25 |

Music energy and online fun during winter holidays

People say that true talent is inimitable, there is always something unique and deeply personal in it, even though in the end it belongs to the world. It would always find its way, no matter the difficulties. This has been proved by the thousands..

31.12.20 09:15 |

2020 proves successful for young Bulgarian instrumentalists

"Competitions are for horses, not artists" - this oft-quoted phrase belongs to the great Hungarian composer and pianist Béla Bartók. Many contemporary artists share his position, but music competitions are nonetheless multiplying. Their stage..

30.12.20 10:45 |

Christmas spirit in Tsarevo and Tsarevets

The outgoing year has brought many disappointments to Bulgarian amateur artists as they faced difficult choices and decisions. Nevertheless, Margarita Petkova and Georgi Iliev are optimistic. They do not know each other, but they have a common..

26.12.20 08:20 |

Saying Merry Christmas with music!

A Merry Christmas to all friends of Radio Bulgaria! Wherever you may be in the world, whatever your language or your faith”, we wish you one thing above all else – health, and a pinch of the holiday spirit with the songs of famous Bulgarian..

25.12.20 06:30 |

Bulgarian pianists and violinists play Beethoven

Having passed under the sign of the 250 th birth anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven, 2020 has been imbued with the music of the composer who has left coming generations remarkable works, throwing a bridge from Classicism to the next era..

16.12.20 09:30 |