Commemorative plaque of Ghena Dimitrova to be unveiled in Vienna

Photo: Archive

The home in Vienna of one of the biggest opera stars in the world, Ghena Dimitrova, will carry a commemorative plaque with her name. The unveiling of the memorial plaque on the building of Muhlgasse 22 will take place on December 14 in the presence of Bulgarian Ambassador Ivan Sirakov and the President of the Purple Swan Association for art and culture, Alexander Alexandrov. After that in the Conservatory Ballroom - not far from the opera house, the documentary film "Love for Ghena" by Dimitar Sotirov will be presented. In it, citizens of Vienna will see performances by Ghena Dimitrova in partnership with Luciano Pavarotti, Jose Carreras, Anna-Tomova Sintova and other notable singers. The Bulgarian woman liked her life in Vienna because of the tranquility and orderliness of the city, according to her daughter Milena Stoykova.

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