Dessy Andonova presents debut album Audio Book

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Dessy Andonova is a well-known name in new, contemporary Bulgarian music, as well as with the bands Phuture Shock, Plastic Hi-Fi, Scam, Lava Lava and Sentimental Swingers. She is one of the most popular lady DJs in the country. But it is only now she feels mature enough as a musician to release a solo album of her own.

Dessy named it Audio Book, and it features 10 songs. The official presentation is on 30 November at a club in Sofia:

I have been working on this album for quite some time, for me it is a journey. To get this far I had to change quite a few things in my attitude towards my work. I invited bass player Georgi Donchev, Vassil Vutev, drums, Bozhidar Vasilev, trombone and synthesizer, and Dimitar Gorchakov, piano. These are the musicians I put in the focus of the album. That is how it all began two years ago when, together, we had our first concert with the music from Audio Book. Vassil and Bozhidar are my producer-musicians. It is thanks to them that the sound of the album is so homogeneous. The first single which came out last year is called Misery and it is the only composition that is not mine. It is by Saigo, a singer and producer from Los Angeles whom I worked with at one time. Misery was his gift to me, and so it became the pilot single of the album. Of course it sounds differently from the other songs I wrote. It took several months to mix Audio Book, but I was in no hurry to release the album, I had no deadline. In that period I released another three singles from it.

Audio Book features special guests: Petar Yotov (guitar), Roko Zahariev (trumpet) and Linda Mantcheva (cello).

I am tremendously happy with this album, it helped me grow. This year I was able to do a preview of Audio Book, together with the other musicians, at several festivals in this country, as well as in Nis, Serbia. We had incredible feedback from the audience, it was amazing. I am pleased to say that the album is also suitable for jazz festivals. I believe it will find a place on stage at such events. I can safely say: this music is me. In the previous albums I have recorded there were a lot of compromises. This time around this is me – in the way the music from the album sounds. The distribution of Audio Book is digital. I am hoping it will have a place in festival life. I would like to make a vinyl record, that is something I am very serious about. I hope to have made it by spring.

Hristo Rachev from Sound Ninja Studios mixed the album, the mastering is the work of Bruce Templeton from Microphonic Mastering.

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