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Next Step project gathers renowned Bulgarian jazz musicians

Bulgarian musicians Miroslav Turiyski (piano) and Hristo Yotsov (percussions) have demonstrated their talent as performers and composers over the years. We know them from a series of music projects (including joint projects), recordings of author’s music, participations in jazz festivals and other music events. In November, the “city of the seven hills” hosted the fifth edition of Plovdiv Jazz fest. Together with the main programme, a stage for new Bulgarian jazz projects was also set up. Next Step join project of Miroslav Turiyski and Hristo Yotsov was one of them. The two jazzmen participate in this project as authors and instrumentalists. We learn more details from Miroslav Turiyski:

Our project is a little old now, because it started over three years ago on the idea of Hristo Yotsov. Back then, he asked me to gather in one band with guitarist Nikolay Karageorgiev and play without a bass guitarist. Several days later, Hristo sent me the first three pieces he had written for this album. The Next Step project developed very quickly, because Hristo Yotsov is a wonderful musician, but he is also a very productive composer as well. I also wrote several pieces and then we decided to release an album since we had so many pieces ready. However, the process was very slow. We made the album and decided to wait and present it at the Plovdiv Jazz Fest.

Next Step consists of nine pieces-four pieces written by Hristo Yotsov and five written by Miroslav Turiyski. Later, saxophonist Vladimir Karparov who has been living and working for decades in Germany joined the three musicians quite accidentally.

Vlado Karparov who travels to Bulgaria very rarely was in Plovdiv when we were still working on our album. Besides, we already had a date for our concert and asked him to play with us. He joined our trio easily, because he is a very talented musician who can play all types of music. He liked our compositions a lot and performed them in a brilliant manner without any rehearsals whatsoever. Things went well. Then, we decided to invite another wonderful saxophonist who fortunately lives in Bulgaria – Dimitar Lyolev. We have been playing together in different bands and projects for many years. Thus, we formed our quartet.

In 2020, the four musicians will present the Next Step project at various festivals and music stages in Bulgaria.

English version: Kostadin Atanasov

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