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Compromise on Bulgarian objections in "mobility package" has been negotiated

A preliminary agreement on the mobility package for international hauliers in the EU has been reached. The rules will also apply to light freight. The main objections of Bulgaria and a group of Eastern European countries referred to the posting of drivers, their rest times and so-called cabotage. The European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Council have finally agreed that the drivers will be allowed overnight stay in the vehicle cabin for no more than 45 hours, they will be obliged to return to the country of registration of the vehicle at least once every 4 weeks, regardless of which part of Europe they are located in. The trucks will have to return to the country - starting point, at least once every 8 weeks.

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Professor Gencho Nachev

Shortage of medics is biggest problem in current Covid-19 situation: hospital director

At the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic Bulgaria took the necessary measures to contain the infection, but the situation went out of control in the summer and now we are witnessing the results, Professor Gencho Nachev, Executive Director of St...

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Distribution of food packages to needy Bulgarians continues in November

More than 146,000 needy Bulgarians have received food packages containing basic necessities in October. The campaign of the Bulgarian Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and the Social Assistance Agency will continue until the end of November, the two..

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Burgas places second in Transformative Cities ranking

Bulgaria ’s coastal city of Burgas placed second in the current ranking of Transformative Cities initiative. Voting will continue until November 16. You can cast your vote at:  https://transformativecities.org/2020award/ .   Transformative cities..

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