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Pop artist Stenli releases new album in collaboration with musicians from Manchester and Dublin

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Renowned Bulgarian musician Stanislav Slanev, better known under the name Stenli, has released his new fifth album entitled "Chuzhdi Tela" (Strange Bodies) after a pause of 17 years. He is a musician whom we remember as vocalist of the bands Tangra and Sprint and from his solo albums “Salzite na skitnika” (Tears of a Wanderer) (1990), “Patyat kam hrama” (The Road to the Temple) (1992), “Kak se kazvash” (What is your name) (1994) and “Obseben” (Obsessed) (2002). The new album was a pleasant surprise for his fans that after such a long pause.

“For the first time in this album, I'm not an author, which is an exception for me,” Stenli says. "After so many years, I wanted to present something different. I happened to meet Blago Anastasov from the Hayes & Y. He and the other boys in the band, also Bulgarians, have been living and playing in Manchester, England for years. They came to my concert last year as they turned out to be my fans. That is how we met and I offered Blago to write something for me. I liked what he sent and I expressed my wish that he wrote the whole music for my album. All winter I worked on the arrangements of the songs, as did Svetlio Kuslev. Of course, Blago was actively involved in the whole process, too. After we finished, I sent all the material to Dublin, Ireland, where the mastering of the album was done.”

Stenli’s songs have always stood out with their strong lyrics and his ne album “Chuzhdi Tela” is not an exception.

“Author of the lyrics for two of the songs is Alexander Petrov – a beloved friend of mine and a very talented songwriter. We have worked with him since the times of Tangra. Natalia Simeonova is author of the lyrics of three songs. Years ago, she wrote the lyrics to the album ‘Putyat kam hrama.’ My wife Lyudmila Slaneva is author of the lyrics to one song, actor Danny Rashev has three, and Lyubo Kirov wrote the lyrics to Chuzhdi Tela.”

Stenli has tried to keep the sound true to his specific style, widely recognized by music fans. In order to achieve the desired effect, he used sound recording techniques from the 1980s, which are now returning to the world of pop music. There are ten songs on the album and a video to “Chuzdi Tela”. Director is Vasil Stefanov and producer is Lyubo Kirov, another renowned singer in Bulgaria. The video also features the singer's daughter, Nicol. Stenli is currently remixing the same song to attract the attention of the younger generation. The second single will be the ballad "Broken Heart". The record label is Virginia Records and Stenli is the producer. 

In 2020, the famous singer, in the company of Dimitar Kovachev - Funky (bass), Nikolay Nikolaev (drums) and Stanislav Valchev (guitar), will present the album in various cities across Bulgaria.

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