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On Bango Vasil the Bulgarian Roma celebrate the new year

On January 13th, the Bulgarian Roma celebrate their new year. The day, known as Vasilyovden or Bango Vasil (literally "The Limping Vasil"), is celebrated by all Roma groups in Bulgaria and is associated with many Gypsy legends. Bango Vasil is one of the most celebrated holidays for the Roma community and lasts three days. The young respect the old and ask for forgiveness. Vasilitsa is an eminently family holiday and until dinner and midnight the doors of the house are kept firmly closed - no one from the family goes outside, even in the yard and no outside person is allowed to enter. It is believed that dreams that night show what will happen in the coming year. The table should not be cleared until the morning - it is believed that this will bring good luck to the home.

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