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Etar Ethnographic Museum displays the Golden Gospel and the revolver-sword of Bulgarian voivode Stefan Karadja

Photo: BTA

The Open AirEthnographic Museum “Etar” near the town of Gabrovo displays the “Golden Gospel” owned by the Historical Museum in Omurtag and the revolver-sword of Bulgarian voivode Stefan Karadja owned by the museum in Ruse. They will be exhibited in the Sakova House and can be seen only on the National Liberation Day-March 3.  The Golden Gospel was printed in 1862 in Moscow and weighs 8 kilograms due to its massive gilded copper cover. The images on its masterly designed covers were printed in a factory first and then each image was manually processed. Nikolay Vladimirovich Blagovo, quartermaster of the 11th Russian Infantry Division gave the residents of Osman Pazar (present-day Omurtag) the Tetraevangelia as a gift. The revolver-sword of Stefan Karadja was donated to the Ruse Historical Museum in 1988. It was made in Austria-Hungary.

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