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COVID-19 in Bulgaria: Day 22


Eight new cases of COVID-19 registered in Sofia, number of cases in Bulgaria rises to 346

The head of the National Crisis Headquarters Ventislav Mutafchiyski  announced that by 5 pm on March 29 eight new cases were registered in Bulgaria. All new cases are registered in Sofia. Thus, the total number of people infected with the new coronavirus in Bulgaria’s capital reached 214. The number of COVID-19 cases in Bulgaria rose to 346. 

125 infected people were hospitalized and 13 of them are receiving intensive care. Two patients were discharged from hospital in the past 24 hours. Thus, the total number of Bulgarians who recovered completely from COVID-19 reaches 14. The total number of COVID-19 deaths is eight, but the average age of the deceased fell to 66 years. The disease affects severely all age groups.

Actual mortality rate from COVID-19 is lower

The actual number of people infected by the new coronavirus in Bulgaria is ten times higher than the number of COVID-19 cases announced until now, Infectionist Atanas Mangarov, who is a member of the medical council set up to assist the Bulgarian government to deal with the COVID-19 crisis told the Bulgarian National Radio. 

Meanwhile, the actual mortality rate is very low, because the current mortality which fluctuates between 2% and 4% is calculated on the basis of proven cases only. If we take into consideration the unexamined COVID-19 cases which went without symptoms, mortality rate will be much lower, Dr, Mangarov contends.

Sofia court fines Bulgarian national for breaking quarantine

The Sofia District Court sanctioned at an online sitting a Bulgarian national who violated intentionally the quarantine regulations. The man was released on EUR 5,000 bail. He returned to Bulgaria by plane from Sweden via Frankfurt. The man refused to sign the necessary forms and mocked the efforts of the airport’s staff to fulfill their duties.

Nearly EUR 50,000 donated to Vidin hospital

A total of 95,556 Bulgarian leva or nearly EUR 50,000 has been transferred to the donation account of the Saint Petka hospital in Vidin in several days only. The money will be used for establishing a separate department for treatment of COVID-19 patients, as well as for the purchase of protective clothing for the hospital’s staff.

Bulgaria’s government: We think of the employers, but above all we think of the Bulgarian workers

In an interview for Hoziron channel of the Bulgarian National Radio, Bulgaria’s Deputy Premier Tomislav Donchev has assured that the state will provide automatic support to the business affected by the restrictions during the quarantine, but most of all it is thinking of the workers. The state is expected to spend EUR 500 million (1 billion BGN) in support of the business and the employees during the first phase. We are technically prepared to borrow a loan if necessary, this country’s Deputy Premier Donchev added.

Sofia school ready to provide material support to pupils

The 120th school Georgi Benkovski in Sofia has announced that it was undertaking a new initiative to support its pupils during the state of emergency. Along with teaching the pupils online, the team of school principal Tsvetanka Toneva was assigned the task of finding students who need material assistance such as socially-disadvantaged people who have difficulties receiving food supplies at home.

Private company launches platform in support of National Crisis Headquarters

DOBROVOLETS.BG platform for recruitment of volunteers in support of the National Crisis Headquarters starts functioning. The project was developed after researches of the best volunteer structures in the world with a focus on volunteer structures in Japan and South Korea were made.

Online chat platform for psychological help opened in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Red Cross has opened a national online chat platform, in order to meet the needs of the public during the state of emergency and in times of elevated level of stress. Every day between 10 am and 12 pm, 3 pm and 5 pm and 8 pm and 10 pm, experts in psychosocial support will provide on the organization’s web site /www. redcross.bg/ free of charge confidential support to people who stay at home, have difficulties coping with the crisis and are willing to share their concerns and anxieties. 

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