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COVID-19 in Bulgaria: Day 23

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Bulgaria makes masks mandatory at public places

All Bulgarians must wear face-protection mask at indoor or outdoor public places, this country’s Minister of Health Kiril Ananiev has ordered. The control of the new measure is assigned to the Minister of Interior, the district governors and directly to the Police. The new regulation reads that this measure is taken to limit the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic. The prohibition on the gathering of more than two people in one place, whether in a park of elsewhere, remains in force.

The number of coronavirus cases in Bulgaria rises to 359

The number of coronavirus cases in Bulgaria is up to 359,the latest data of the National Crisis Staff shows. A total of 113 people infected by the coronavirus disease were hospitalized and 13 of them are intubated. 56% of all people diagnosed with COVID-19 are men and 44% are women. The average age of the Bulgarians diagnosed with coronavirus infection is 45 years. 17 people have so far recovered, 8 have diedThe average age of the people who have died is 66. The greatest number of coronavirus patients is in Sofia.

As of March 31, employers can apply for state compensation to retain staff

In order to benefit from the aid, companies must prove that they have at least a 20% drop in revenue as compared to March 2019. Approval will be awaited for 7 days, after which assistance will be received within 5 more days, Minister Sacheva said. If the employer did not fully pay 40% of salaries owed to its employees, they will have to give back the state subsidy of 60% of staff salaries. 213,700 are those unemployed in Bulgaria, and since the beginning of the crisis, 10,000 more have been registered with the labor offices.

Bulgaria extends ban on international flights and railway services

The ban on incoming flights from China, South Korea, Iran, Italy and Spain to Bulgaria is extended until April12, the Bulgarian Ministry of Transport and Information Technologies announced. Bulgaria will launch flights to Spain and Italy to take Bulgarian nationals back to their home country if necessary. All Bulgarian citizens and foreign nationals arriving from abroad are subject to mandatory fourteen day quarantine. No restrictions were imposed on cargo flights, including mail, flights of state officials, humanitarian and medical flights. Landings on Bulgarian airports for technical reasons are not subject ro restrictions as well. The ban on international train services to Turkey, Greece, Serbia and Romania is also extended until April 12. No restrictions were imposed on railway cargo transport.  

Bulgaria remains closed for foreign nationals from a number of countries until April 17

The measure applies to all non-EU citizens and the following EU members and members of the Schengen Area: Italy, Spain, France, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Exception will be made only for Bulgarian nationals and their family members and people with permanent residence status or status of long-term residence on the territory of this country, the Border Police Chief Directorate announced and specified that the temporary restriction applies to all border crossings with air, marine, railway and road traffic.

All Eastern Orthodox Easter worship services will be taking place in front of the churches,

This is what Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev announced after a meeting with the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.The major worship services will be broadcast on television and streamed online so that no one may feel aggrieved for not attending. The police will monitor compliance with the requirements for social distancing and will prevent any gathering of people. The Holy Synod will give precise instructions regarding the changes in the respective rituals. 

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