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Among technical fields of study, demand in Bulgaria is highest for areas of the future: Technical University dean

Photo: Technical University, Sofia

At the Technical University in Sofia demand is highest for studies in high-tech areas. According to the dean of the Technical University’s French Language Faculty, Prof. Angelov, these are the areas of study of the future, without which “it is inconceivable”.

In an interview for the BNR, Prof. Angelov pointed out that despite this demand, the number of university students is insufficient to meet the needs of businesses in Bulgaria. Moreover, in present conditions, many of the practical exercises cannot be done remotely, something the Covid-19 crisis has rendered necessary. The diplomas from the French and the German Language Faculty are recognized in France and Germany. In Prof. Angelov’s words the students graduating from them are given the same kind of acknowledgement by French employers that they would if they had graduated an elite university in France. 

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