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Young artists paint huge Banksy-style mural in Kyustendil

The young Kyustendil artists from “The New Masters” art school are to turn an underdeveloped area into a gallery under the sky, BTA informs. “Thus, together with the gallery with paintings of Vladimir Dimitrov- the Master, there will be an open-air exposition with a 20 century art”, pedagogue Evgeny Serafimov says. The new urban project provides for the creation of a huge mural made in the style of world-famous graffiti artist Banksy as a compliment to his work. People from the residential district who turned the deserted place into a garden with kids’ corner and their children who are flying kites above their heads will be depicted on the fresco. “We believe that this is a new beginning for Kyustendil and we have many more ideas in this direction”, pedagogue Evgeny Serafimov says further.

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