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On August 2, Bulgarians mark Day of Saint Elijah according to old style calendar

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On August 2, Bulgarians homage to Prophet St. Elijah according to the old style calendar. The day is marked on July 20 according to the new style. Prophet Elijah was one of the greatest Old Testament figures, an ardent opponent of paganism and a herald of the true faith in God. 

Many Christian churches especially in Southwestern Bulgaria are named after him. The faithful honor the saint who is the patron of thunder and lightning and protector of the harvest from fires.

St. Elijah’s Day or popularly known as Ilinden in Bulgarian is the best-loved summertime feast day in the long and sultry days of harvesting. 

St. Elijah’s day is a day celebrated by all people named Iliya, Ilian, Iliana and their derivatives – Ilka, Lina, Licho etc. 

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