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Exhibition of Christo's early drawings in Varna

Early drawings and watercolor paintings by world-famous artist of Bulgarian origin, Christo, are exhibited in the City Art Gallery in Varna. The works are from the time when Hristo Yavashev studied at the National Academy of Arts. In the exhibition "Christo - Early Sketches" one can also see posters with the signatures of Christo and his wife Jean-Claude, as the posters show some of their emblematic packaging of buildings. The gallery also presents copies of two portraits from the student years of the artist - the one of actress Graciela Bachvarova from 1954 and of artist Dora Boneva from 1956, as well as rich documentary material about Christo and his family history, family tree, photos of the family. The exhibition with objects from the museum collection of the National Academy of Arts will remain in the sea capital until August 25.

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