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Manna honey - the black gold of Strandzha Mountain

Autumn is coming soon and it is time to think how to boost our immune system. Walking in the nature in combination for instance with consumption of manna (honeydew) honey is the best decision. You can do both in Strandzha Mountain.

Local entrepreneurs have developed a special route that presents the Strandzha manna honey and the organic bee products produced in the forests near Veleka River. Tourists have the opportunity to visit two apiaries located in the local villages popular with the traditional fire dancing (nestinarstvo). Bee- keepers produce in these apiaries organic honey, honey vinegar and bee products which boost immune system.

The Strandzha manna honey has proven medicinal properties and has long ago become part of the tourist logo of this Bulgarian mountain. That is why people call it the “Black Gold of Strandzha Mountain!” In 2019, this product was included in the EU list of protected geographical indications. It is produced by honeybee colonies that collect honeydew from various plants and the sweet honeydew nectar from the acorns of the Hungarian Oak, which grows in Strandzha Mountain.

The Strandzha manna honey has a flavor of baked fruits and caramel and low content of pollens. It is rich in various minerals, amino acids and vitamins. It boost the immune system and helps the treatment of various diseases such as influenza, kidney or liver diseases. 

Along with the visits to the local apiaries, tourists get to know the local ancient sanctuaries, traditions, nature and cuisine.

Compiled by: Veneta Nikolova

Photos: courtesy of the organisers

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