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Rediscover beauty of coastal lakes in Bulgaria along special tourist route

Atanassovsko Lake by Burgas
Photo: BGNES

The largest complex of coastal lakes in Bulgaria is located near Bulgaria’s city of Burgas on the Black Sea coast. The total area of ​​the Atanasovsko, Pomoriysko, Mandrensko and Burgasko lakes is about 9,000 hectares, as over 3,000 of it has been declared protected area.

One of the main bird migration routes in Europe passes over Burgas. This is Via Pontica and every autumn the lakes become a kind of "meeting point" for many species of birds. Some of them spend the winter here.

Tourist interest in the natural beauty of the area does not subside throughout the year and the rich variety of flora and fauna attracts many amateurs and professional photographers in search of the unique shot.

You can learn more about the surprises that await you in the area from the article "Tourist route along Bourgas Lakes" by Desislava Semkovska from the collection of Radio Bulgaria.

Editor: Yoan Kolev

English: Alexander Markov

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