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It’s pickling season

published on 9/19/20 5:05 AM

Traditional secrets to feminine beauty

published on 9/13/20 6:05 AM

Geranea- the wild paradise of Dobrudzha

published on 9/12/20 7:05 AM

76 years since September 9, 1944- a controversial date in Bulgaria’s history

Until 31 years ago, September 9 was celebrated as a national holiday in Bulgaria and a turning point that brought the Bulgarian Communist Party to power. Today, the older generations remain divided in their assessments of the communist regime introduced..

published on 9/9/20 3:37 PM

Bulgaria marks 135 years since Unification of Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia

On September 6, Bulgaria marks 135 years since the Unification of the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia (which is part of today’s South Bulgaria and back then an autonomous region within the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire).   The..

published on 9/6/20 4:05 AM
„The Bulgarian National Revival

Plovdiv welcomes its holiday with rich cultural program

The Unification of Bulgaria, which we celebrate on September 6, is also a holiday of the second largest Bulgarian city. Traditionally, celebrations in the “Capital of the Unification” will begin with a prayer service by Metropolitan Nikolay of Plovdiv...

published on 9/5/20 3:45 AM

Traditional Bulgarian belt buckles - mysterious array of symbols and messages

Belt buckles, called pafti are a typical Bulgarian folklore ornament. You will easily recognize them as an element of folk costumes from various regions of Bulgaria. These decorative accents from traditional Bulgarian clothing can be found..

published on 8/30/20 5:00 AM

Vicissitudes of Saint George Rotunda

Sofia offers unlimited opportunities for historical walks. The Saint George Rotunda is among the most-visited sites in Bulgaria’s capital. This is the oldest ancient building in the capital city which was relatively well preserved . It was..

published on 8/29/20 5:00 AM

The only museum in Bulgaria named after a foreign person is located in Shumen

On August 22, 1849, the guardian of Hungarian independence Lajos Kossuth stepped on the Bulgarian bank of Danube as an emigrant. The Hungarian nobleman, lawyer, journalist, politician and statesman was a leading figure in the Hungarian revolution..

published on 8/22/20 12:46 PM

The unique “Bells” park turns 41

The only park of its kind, built in Sofia with the idea of promoting peace and understanding offers a real journey back in time. It is a “park” made of bells sent by dozens of countries. Today, “Bells” park is a place to take a walk outdoors, but..

published on 8/16/20 6:00 AM

Venetsa cave and its colorful underground world

14 kilometers away from Bulgaria’s northwestern town of Belogradchik, tourists can find a real natural wonder - "Venetsa", one of the most beautiful caves in this country. It is located very close to the village of Oreshets. Its entrance can be..

published on 8/9/20 5:00 AM

Bansko offers fresh mountain breeze and walks through history

The beautiful Pirin mountain with its diversity in every season has turned Bansko into a popular resort. When it is covered in snow, elite athletes compete on its slopes and skiers ride the well-maintained runs. But when spring comes, the..

published on 8/8/20 5:00 AM

117 years since the Ilinden-Preobrazhenie Uprising

On August 2, 1903, the Ilinden-Preobrazhenie Uprising broke out, which is considered to have been the culmination of the national liberation movement of the Bulgarians in Macedonia and the Edirne region. It is the result of the intransigence of..

published on 8/2/20 6:00 AM