Actress Adriana Budevska and why they called her Bulgaria’s Sarah Bernhardt

Adriana Budevska has gone down in the history of Bulgarian theatre with her more than 100 different roles, but also for being “saucy” enough to be the first Bulgarian actress to appear on stage scantily clad. The future star of theatre..

published on 1/9/21 7:00 AM

Golden sieve, silk sieve…

The sun, deified since ancient times, gives life to all living things and is responsible for nature’s rebirth. Under its miraculous rays crops and fruit ripen, newborn animals grow up, and people show gratitude and hope to enjoy its gracious..

published on 1/2/21 7:25 AM

The magic of the new beginning

It's January 1st! The first day of 2021, the first day of a new beginning and new hopes for each of us, for our families and loved ones, for all people in the world!  Today Orthodox Christians celebrate the day of St. Basil the Great, also revered..

published on 1/1/21 9:05 AM

Prosphora seal sanctifies bread and make it part of Holy Liturgy

Bread is an extremely important element in Bulgarian traditional culture. That is why there are a number of rituals and sacraments associated with its preparation. In order for the bread to acquire the status of a festive bread and..

published on 12/28/20 6:55 AM

The power of words - Bulgarian proverbs and beliefs

Regardless of whether we believe in the power of words we say, all holidays are still accompanied with certain wishes. Traditional or made up for certain occasion, we say wishes for sound health, longevity, happiness and luck, especially when..

published on 12/27/20 7:45 AM

The glass Christmas tree ornaments that reflect the magic of Christmas season

The Christmas tree is what brings families together in holiday season. Some of the most beautiful toys for the Christmas tree are made of glass. They were especially popular in this country 30-40 years ago, but are so beautiful that..

published on 12/26/20 8:35 AM
A group of carol singers (koledari)

Welcoming the carol singers on Christmas

Part of the magic of Christmas are the rituals we keep in the family tradition and which we remember every year. For many of us, this is a special moment, especially now that our lives are taking on a different shape as a result of the pandemic and..

published on 12/25/20 12:54 PM

The magic of Christ’s Nativity, or when the heavens spread open

The Nativity of Jesus Christ or Christmas is the most beloved and long-awaited holiday by young and old alike. Similar to other holidays in Bulgaria, it is full of rites and rituals, some of which are rooted centuries ago. On the eve of..

published on 12/24/20 9:15 AM

“Toys of fire” and European trends in the history of the Christmas tree in Bulgaria

Bulgarians still hang at least one new toy from their Christmas trees every year in the belief that it will bring them luck and health. But to begin with, Bulgarians decorated the trees with apples, walnuts, popcorn and home-made..

published on 12/19/20 10:05 AM

On Saint Ignatius Day we attract good forces and prepare for new beginning

In the Bulgarian folk calendar the same date is dedicated to Ignazhden (the day of St. Ignatius). On Ignazhden the transition to the new year begins. The day is full of prohibitions, divinations and rituals that should attract good forces..

updated on 12/19/20 8:57 AM