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Bulgarian tour guides – with video about 121-year old clock tower in Chuprene

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The Ministry of Tourism has started airing promotional videos made jointly with representatives of the Association of Bulgarian Tour Guides.

The idea is to popularize lesser known tourist sites and parts of the country. One such place is Chuprene village in Northwestern Bulgaria. And the biggest local landmark is its clock tower, which the locals say deserves world fame.

The tower in Chuprene is at the same time the bell tower of the nearby St. Nicholas church. In 1926 clocks were installed on its four sides which work flawlessly to this day, and their ringing can be heard throughout the surrounding countryside. More than four decades ago the village’s tower was proclaimed a monument of culture. Now, Bulgaria’s tour guides take tourists to this rarely seen but beautiful sight.

Find out more about Chuprene’s clock tower from the video.

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